Walkways Are All Installed on Pedestrian Bridge

The last section of walkways have been installed and the railings are up on the Squibb Park Bridge linking Brooklyn Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Construction has been moving quickly. The previous section of the pedestrian bridge went in just six weeks ago. According to Brooklyn Bridge Park spokesperson Teresa Gonzales, work is ongoing on the installation of the guardrail mesh fence and handrails as well as on the underside support structures for the approach spans. “Work will continue through the first few weeks of February,” she says. “And we hope that bridge will be complete and open to the public soon after.”

Photo by Marc Agger

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  • This is a nice new addition to the Heights. To my amazement the park survived Sandy perfectly well. Only one or two trees were lost. Am looking forward to those first balmy spring days so I can check out the new bridge and saunter down to the our neighborhood park and take in those amazing views.

  • I can’t wait to take a jog up this new bridge, it is a great addition to the park!

    In response to minard’s comment: There was a great deal of damage to the park caused by Sandy. The underground electrical system for all of the lights and probably the buildings was damaged and has to be replaced; there has been no lighting since the storm and the park has had to close after sundown. also, many plantings have been killed by the salt water and must be replaced.

    This will take months to repair and a lot of money.

  • some plantings were damaged but considering the size of the storm, the park got through it remarkably well. Any other conclusion is either wrong, alarmist, or both. The park is open, there is no mystery, and when spring comes it will be in full bloom again. Sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted utter devastation. Oh, and the carousel is working same as before.