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  • Nice find on Wyckoff St – not listed on SE. That one should go quickly.

  • I think you have the same GMAP link for 180 Sterling Street as that ugly thing at 21 Garfield Place above it.

    Awaiting Bob Marvin’s considered opinion on the PLG listing – seems like it needs a lot of updating, but nice curb appeal.

    • Well, since you asked, SOME updating (if that’s your thing) and, yes, nice curb appeal. Sterling II is a very nice block. It’s in the PLG Historic District, but not in Lefferts Manor, so a rental apartment is possible.

      • Bob, What’s the deal with “Sterling II”? I know there’s a Sterling Place that goes from Park Slope to Crown Heights not to be confused with Sterling Street in your neck of the woods. Is there a “Sterling I” ?

        • Sterling I is Washington–Bedford, Sterling II Bedford–Rogers, III Rogers–Nostrand, IV Nostrand–New York. Other PLG blocks are the same, except that it’s Flatbush, rather than Washington for Lefferts, lincoln, Maple, etc. “I” ; Sterling Street is the only one that ends at Washingon, rather than Flatbush. It’s just a local convention. The only blocks not so numbered are the blocks of Lincoln and Parkside, between Flatbush and Ocean [I guess they’d be Lincoln and Parkside “0”, but I’ve never heard anyone say that]–other E–W blocks terminate at Flatbush because of the Brighton Line subway cut.

  • Yes, there is a Sterling I (the first block of Sterling Street, in PLG), which is between Washington and Bedford, and Sterling II is between Bedford and Rogers.

  • That’s a nice house on Warren on a not very nice street. I think $2,100.00 may be a little much for the location.

  • 180 Sterling needs a lot of work to my (admittedly unpracticed) eye. New kitchens at a mininum. How much per floor do those more expert estimate?

  • do the comments on 180 sterling needing work imply that you all think the listing is overpriced? what do you think it should go for given the work it needs?