Long-Empty Bed Stuy House Now Available as Condos

We remember when this elegant row house was an empty shell, sitting for years and years. Finally, it sold for $500,000 in February of 2012, and the new owners promptly set about converting it to condos. Now the four new units are on the market for a collective price of $3,150,000! The two-bedroom apartments range from $750,000 to $875,000 individually. The timing may turn out in the favor of the sellers, since this area — right on the Clinton Hill border — has recently seen some big price increases. How do you like the look of the new units and what do you think of the prices? Click through to the jump for a look at the building before conversion.
Units in Bed Stuy Conversion Hit Market [Curbed]
290 Greene Avenue [Streeteasy]
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Interior Photo by Corcoran

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  • These units are gorgeous, but those prices… !

  • Looks like the same developer as 442 Hancock Street. Nice

  • That price is absolutely outrageous for the location.

  • those are slope prices. I saw this house while back. Yes, that’s a bus stop right in front of the house. Have fun with that.

  • pretty pricey! i will be very surprised if they get that but who knows. just makes me think i got a great deal on my place in boerum hill if they do…

  • Should have put in central air instead of those ugly splits if it was a gut reno.

  • A year ago a friend of mine who is 6′-2″ and lived right around the corner from this place was jumped a block up on Greene between Franklin and Bedford. I also live right around the corner and last weekend I spoke to several police officers about the 79th precinct who described it as “deadly.” While it seems a bit more rough up on Tompkins and Throop, the roughest part is near the Lafayette Houses. The school district is awful and you live off the G train. So, aside from the ugly dark crown molding and cheep splits, with these prices what are you paying for? On the other hand its a beautiful block and the neighborhood has a few new restaurants. Bedford Hill is great and Villa Pancho on Bedford and Greene makes the best burritos in Brooklyn.

  • 900 square feet. I don’t care how nice the reno is (and this is nice, but not extraordinarily so)–it’s still a 900 square foot two bedroom apartment. Now, that is okay. Standard even. But it is not 775K okay, even in a better neighborhood. I like this location, I like the house, I think about 550K sounds about right for the pricing.

  • Funny that the listing photos don’t show the gospel church next door. Having lived next to one, I hope that the buyers like listening to many hours of gospel singing on Saturdays, Sundays and a couple of weeknights too.

  • brooklyn-architect-

    I have lived right around the corner since early 2001. although at the time the neighborhood seemed rough, I never had a single problem. none. not so much as a broken car window. the neighborhood is getting fancy at an accelerating pace. I agree that Lafayette Gardens are pretty nasty, but New York has a funny way of gentrifying around those….just look at Boerum Hill and Chelsea. And being on the G train is not such a negative anymore, especially there where you are equidistant to the L and the A/C, and the C is easily walkable.

    I do agree that those prices are pretty ridiculous. Will be interesting to see if they get anything close to that.

  • Ah, I fantasized about this place when it was on the market, but with the church next door and the bus stop in front, my husband wouldn’t even make an appointment.

    That said – not a bad reno. But why would you pay $875K for a duplex that actually seems to include the windowless basement as one of your floors – when you could drop that on a whole house just a few more blocks east into Bed-Stuy? Do brokers even bother to check comps, or do they just pick insanely high list prices and hope to continually choose to ignore buyers who are going to need a mortgage?

  • I put an offer on this building when Corcoran had it on the market a year or so ago. It sold for way more than $500K. @ $900+ I was the first back up offer. It was a short sale.