Last Week’s Biggest Sales

1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $5,250,000
264 Henry Street GMAP P*Shark
We posted about this sale last week. It was House of the Day in November asking $5,775,000. Entered into contract on 12/27/12; closed on 12/27/12; deed recorded on 1/7/2013.

2. CARROLL GARDENS $4,025,000
356 Sackett Street GMAP P*Shark
This huge Carroll Gardens sale also got its own post. A HOTD this fall that quickly went into contract. It was asking $4,099,000. Entered into contract on 10/3/12; closed on 12/18/12; deed recorded on 1/9/2013.

3. PARK SLOPE $3,450,000
33 Montgomery Place GMAP P*Shark
This home went into contract in the fall. It was listed over the summer for $3.650 million. Entered into contract on 11/12/12; closed on 12/21/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

4. CARROLL GARDENS $3,045,000
52 Second Place GMAP P*Shark
Here’s the listing for this brownstone, which was asking $2,795,000 and went into contract in less than a month. Entered into contract on 10/15/12; closed on 12/20/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

5. MIDWOOD $3,025,000
1127 East 7th Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this home. Entered into contract on 11/9/12; closed on 12/27/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

Honorable Mentions: 113 Willow Street, HOTD in March, closed for $2,900,000.

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  • Not sure how my 2 comments above from last week’s post made it onto today’s post. Weird.

    Anyway, someone got a steal on 113 Willow Street. Clearly a motivated seller, possibly to lock in the capital gain in 2012 calendar year. The original ask was $4.5 million, then reduced to $3.9…and sold for $2.9!! It needs some work, obviously, but someone could either flip this for a nice profit, or put a boatload of money into the house and still come out ahead. A similar-sized house across the street (brick and in nice condition) sold for $4.075 million nine months ago. 113 Willow, when renovated, should be worth at least $3.75.

  • Even though these sales are from great neighborhoods and the homes are great these prices are just amazing! Wonder how FG will compare now on its nicer locks if anything is available… So much for Brownstones going half off!!

  • Ha, one of the fixer-uppers is already in contract (20 Garden Place). So now you only have five choices in Brooklyn Heights…