Condo of the Day: 468 5th Street, #3

This listing at 468 5th Street in Park Slope just hit the market with an asking price of $1,250,000. The three-bedroom apartment is in good shape, has prewar character and is on a nice brownstone block. While no exact square footage is provided in the listing, it looks to us like the asking price comes in a tad north of $1,000 a foot, which seems quite high for a walk-up building and a railroad-y layout, however nice the other attributes. What do you think? For some perspective, consider that the property traded for $999,000 in mid-2008.
468 5th Street, #3 [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Crazy price! But I bet they’ll get it, sigh.

    I don’t like the narrow living room layout, but there is probably a workaround.

    Also, antlers?? Sooo 2000’s. :-)

  • I agree, that price is crazy, especially for a walk-up. And it’s increased in value 25% since the peak of market? Curious.

  • Agree that price is high especially for that location. I wouldn’t want to live right up the street from that high school and one block from the hospital. Between the ambulance sirens and screaming teenagers doesn’t sound too peaceful.

    • dylan, are you saying this based-on actually standing on 5th St below 7th ave or just from looking at google maps? I used to live fairly close to there & never found the school or hospital to be that much of a nuisance.

      • I’ve been around the high school when school lets out many times so I know what it’s like and I see many kids leaving school and walking down 5th St cursing and generally acting like teengagers. As for the hospital, I used to live right near NYU so I’m assuming that the ambulance noise is similar.

        • Methodist is tiny compared to NYU & not a level-one trauma center. Also, the approach to the ER is almost always by 7th Ave – not the side streets.
          As for the HS, the noise/traffic that John Jay creates is hardly unique & pretty much limited to 7th Ave. If you actually lived near-by, you’d know that too.
          Don’t want to fight, but why fabricate complaints about a place that aren’t accurate?

          • All I’m saying is that I dont want to live across the street from John Jay (which I’ve also heard referred to as Thug U) and I sure don’t want to pay 1.25 M for that apt to do it. And that building is just off 7th Ave so you’re definitely going to hear the sirens. I don’t live near by but I’ve spent enough time on that block on different days to know what I’m talking about.

  • Wow, if an apartment that is about 1000-1200 sf tops is 1,250,000, what does that say about the rest of the market? I too thought 2008 was the peak but are things that crazy?

  • Are the monthlies really less than $500, though? And with a private roof deck? This doesn’t seem as crazy to me as on first glance.