Changes for the Corner of Flatbush and Lefferts

There are a few changes in motion for this corner of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the location of the old Bond Bakery building at 495 Flatbush Avenue. A tipster writes that a new beer distributor has moved into the ground floor one building over at 507 Flatbush at the corner of Lefferts, and is “catering to a diverse market who want more than just Bud Light.” They also fill growlers-to-go with on-tap craft beers. The windows of that building have also been replaced and the exterior’s generally been spruced up. As for 495 Flatbush Avenue, pictured above, the space of longtime-tenant Phat Albert’s is up for lease. The rest of the building, however, remains in poor shape, with most of the windows along Washington Avenue boarded up. The upper floors previously housed a daycare center and school. You can read about the building’s history at this Building of the Day post. You can also see a few more recent photos after the jump. Now if only someone can restore that clock tower! GMAP

New windows at 507 Flatbush

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  • Things are starting to happen so quickly in this nabe, it’s making my head spin. But Phat Albert finally grabbing their hat and splitting is something I thought I’d never see happen soon enough. Yay! Now the big question is . . . what’s coming next?

  • Is it the whole Phat Alberts or just part of it? I saw a for lease sign in one of the vacant side-sections, but the rest of the place seems like it’s not going anywhere.

  • As I thought, per that listing, only 3000sf is available on the ground floor, and 28000 sf is available upstairs. Phat Albert’s will remain.

  • OK, I used to live across the street from Phat Albert’s and I freaking loved it. Cheap clothes, all the basic home and housewares at bargain basement prices. Yeah it’s kinda nasty but it gets the job done and I’d rather it than some big box store. But every time I read about it here or elsewhere, everyone — people who always complain about 16 handles, banks etc coming in and affordable neighborhood establishments that serve the community going out — always rails on Phat Albert’s. Am I missing something?

    • Yeah, you’re missing a lot. The store itself is a dump and much of the merchandise it markets as “discount” is actually overpriced junk. Albert Srour, the owner, has never had an appreciation for the locals of the community that his store “serves” and, unfortunately, his rotten, dismissive attitude translates down to members of his service team who are outright rude and nasty. I don’t know about you, but I consider a great retail experience as one that not only offers desirable inventory and pricing but also decent customer service. In my book, Phat Albert’s has never offered any of that whereas plenty of other “discount” places in the hood (e.g., Gem and Bargain Hunters on Flatbush), most certainly do a much better job all around.

  • A great location, transportation galore, near the park and the garden, a property like that shouldn’t be wasted on a schlock store like Phat Albert. Down with all the nearby fast food chain stores as well. A little culture is needed in that area.

  • Nice building with lots of potential