A New Cafe for Prospect Lefferts Gardens

A reader sent in these photos of Tugboat Tea Company, a newly-opened coffee and tea shop at 546 Flatbush Avenue, in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The Brooklyn Paper previously wondered about the curse of PLG coffeehouses, noting that “hipper options have opened in the neighborhood in the past 10 years, only to later close or change focus for reasons both benign and outright bizarre.” (Case in point: K-Dog and Dunebuggy, a popular spot that closed in 2011; nearby Blue Roost Petite Café, which eventually moved into the K-Dog space, closed this summer.) But so far it seems like Tugboat is a hit in the neighborhood, and the Brooklyn Paper quotes the owners feeling confident about their PLG arrival. So who’s been?
Will This Coffee Shop Survive Where Others Have Failed? [Brooklyn Paper]
Photos by Bob Marvin

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  • Tugboat has been consistently full and I think it’ll do very well [my photographs were made at about 3 PM last Friday–a relatively slow time of day]. I’ve been there almost every day since it opened and think it has much of the vibe of the much-missed K-Dog.

    IMO the only “hipper ” coffee shop that’s failed for lack of enough business was Morgies, that opened in the space that’s now Lincoln Park Tavern about 9 or 10 years ago. K-Dog, as well as Blue Roost, had a lot of customers but fell victim to unsustainable rents–pending, for the first and actual for the second.

  • Actually, it wan’t the rent that did in Blue Roost, it was the fact that a promised investor bailed on the owner, leaving her unable to ever really get off the ground. She had no problems making her rent and no problems with the landlord.

    I think everything about Tugboat is adorable – these guys have got it right, due to previous industry experience, on both the operational and ownership sides.

    I’ve been several times, at various times of the day, and there’s always a steady stream of customers. I dropped in on Monday afternoon last week and they had live music – a local duo performing jazz standards and new compositions. What a treat!