Scarano-Designed Burg Condo Ticketed for Trash

A recent condo development at 59, 61 and 63 Conselyea Street in Williamsburg has been ticketed for leaving trash enclosures on the sidewalk outside of garbage pickup hours, reported DNAinfo. As it happens, the buildings were designed by Robert Scarano, the architect infamous for wringing as much space as possible out of a building site and who is no longer permitted to file building plans and permits with the city since he was accused of fudging data on documents for three other buildings in Williamsburg. Residents say the buildings were designed without a trash area, leaving them no choice but to store trash on the sidewalk. But the problem is hardly limited to this or other Scarano-designed buildings, said the area’s Community Board 1. The problem is “widespread around the neighborhood,” and the City should require developers to provide an area for trash, according to the board. “If you’re going to do a big construction project it should be asked, ‘Where do you put trash?'” said Ryan Kuonen, a CB1 board member. “Technically, it’s stupid that the Department of Buildings doesn’t notice there’s nowhere for these people to put trash.”
Condo Tenants Ticketed After Architect Left No Room for Trash [DNAinfo]
Burg Condo Residents Ticketed Over Illegal Trash Depositories [TRD]
Photo by Meredith Hoffman for DNAinfo

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  • ”Technically, it’s stupid that the Department of Buildings doesn’t notice there’s nowhere for these people to put trash.”

    Well, this ain’t really a very nice block, from the pic but if that sort of thing was happening on the sidewalk where I lived, I certainly wouldn’t like it.

    (wagging cane)

  • you don’t have to have place to store trash for bldg. Just take it out from your apt to curb on correct night. But I bet most new condo owners don’t even know what day the trash pickup is. They are glorified renters and expect everything to be done for them and have no responsibilities.

  • Maybe they can sue the developer. Afterall, this is NYC and that’s one of the top 5 pasttimes.

  • This took me all of 2 minutes to search/cut/paste…. See Revocable Consent.

    I see SCARANO had no problem figuring out how to finagle their 421-a TAX abatement until 2023…

    Sidewalk Obstruction
    Sidewalk areas must be kept free from any obstruction that could impede pedestrian traffic. Obstructions may include, but are not lim- ited to, refuse, refuse containers, merchandise, bins, racks, coin oper- ated rides, sandwich or A-frame signs, and over-extended sidewalk displays/stands.Stores are permitted to have outside displays of merchandise. The items displayed must consist of goods which are available for sale inside the store and all sales must occur inside the premise. Structures for mer- chandise displayed outside the store may extend no more than 3 feet into the sidewalk from the building line and no higher than 5 feet. However, streets that are designated “zero sidewalk display” streets may not have any displays placed on the sidewalks. In addition, side- walk displays are not allowed on a street during the time when general vending or food vending is prohibited on that street by law or by Street Vendor Review Panel action. However, veterans who were disabled with a service-related injury may vend on a restricted street with a proper permit from the Department of Consumer Affairs. To find out if a street is a “zero sidewalk display” street or is a street restricted from general vending or food vending, contact the Department of Small Business Services (DSBS) or the Department of Consumer Affairs.
    During the month of December, displaying and selling coniferous trees (Christmas trees) is legal, except where specifically stated by law. Additionally, palm branches, willow branches, myrtle branches, and citrons may be displayed and sold in the months of September and October. The display of these items may exceed the 3’ by 5’ require- ment. However, a clear path for pedestrians must be maintained.
    Revocable Consents
    A Revocable Consent may be granted to an individual or organization to construct and maintain certain structures on the property of the City (e.g., sidewalks).
    Revocable Consents for sidewalk cafes are granted by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
    Revocable Consents for items such as (partial list): stands for a food court on public property, large planters, planted areas, flagpoles, clocks, enclosure for trash receptacle, etc., on city sidewalks are grant- ed by the Department of Transportation.
    §16–118(2) FINE: $100-$300 §19–136(4) FINE: $50-$250

  • To facilitate Sanitation Department garbage removal, effective December 10, 2007, the Buildings Department will require trash compacting systems be installed in certain types of multiple dwelling buildings.
    The Following Building Types Must Comply:
    1. NewmultipledwellingbuildingsclassifiedasHereafterErectedClassB(Hotel).
    2. NewmultipledwellingbuildingsclassifiedasHereafterErectedClassA,ifthebuilding:
    • is equal to or greater than four stories; and
    • contains more than 12 dwelling units.
    3. AnybuildingthatisenlargedandisnewlycategorizedasaHereafterErectedClassA or B as described above in 1 and/or 2.
    4. Anybuildingwith50percentormoreofitsfloorarearenovatedandisnewlycategorized as Hereafter Erected Class A or B as described above in 1 and/or 2.

    Done talking trash.

  • They should be ticketed just for living in a Scarano building.

    But seriously – they should do whatever their neighbors, and 98% of other buildings in City that avoid getting routine tickets are doing.