Condo of the Day: 230 Ashland Place #4C

We haven’t noticed much for sale at The Forte in Fort Greene since the new development sold out after recession-inspired across-the-board price cuts back in late 2009. This two-bedroom unit on the fourth floor apparently was one of the apartments that sold before the market collapsed: According to StreetEasy, it traded for$783,034 in January 2008. Now the 1,300-square-foot pad is back on the market and asking $845,000, which comes out to about $650 per foot. Assuming you like the rounded living room, the layout looks both nice and efficient. Think they’ll get their price?
230 Ashland Place #4C [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • $650/sqft if you believe that it’s 1300 square feet. But it’s 18′ wide, and if you add the depths of each room, ~45′ long. That’s 810 square feet. Am I missing something?

  • This won’t get more than $550 per foot. Low floor, buildings going to block some of the views, poor amenities and shoddy construction, all make this one of the poorer downtown options

  • I think it is a crappy layout. The kitchen is a wall in the living room.

    Other than the uniqueness of the rounded wall, and the views, it is a crappy apartment.

    and 12 x 11 is barely a Master Bedroom, that is smaller than the bedroom I grew up in….

  • It’s time to admit the Forte is a disappointment compared to its contemporary condo projects.

  • As a renter I’m willing to put up with one of those “along-the-wall” kitchens for a year or two but they are really inefficient (assuming you cook) and I would never buy a place that had a kitchen along the wall.

  • they’ll get their numbers, there is no product out there guys

  • I’ve always wondered what those apartments at the skinny end of triangular buildings feel like inside. They may be nice, but the problem I see here is the placement of the kitchen. Seems like most of the room by the windows across from the kitchen would be dining room, if you want a dining table, leaving very little other space for the living room at all. So, it’s one of those places where you have to choose – living room or decent sized dining table, one or the other, not both.

    I don’t necessary find the all on one wall kitchens inefficient, as long as you can put a long counter or table opposite to use for counter space. Here, if you did that, most of you living room is gone.

    Bedrooms are also both small and smallish. Not a great space. Probably will sell anyway.

  • This is by far the worst layout in the building. The A and B lines are actually quite nicely laid out, and D is plain but functional. C is a mess: enter via a long, dark hallway, and a non-functional kitchen/living room combo. Add the 4th floor location (means loud traffic and you can’t open the windows) and this price is… aggressive.