Co-op of the Day: 831 Carroll Street #2

This floor-through apartment at 831 Carroll Street in Park Slope hit the market a few days ago with an asking price of $845,000. In addition to two bedrooms and a home office, the apartment sports the smallest (and most unusually located) balcony you’re likely to see on a brownstone building. There’s just over 1,000 square feet of space according to our back-of-the-envelope calculations. Think the asking price makes sense?
831 Carroll Street #2 [Warren Lewis] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Those windows are beautiful but I suspect a major source of heat loss.

    And, just how do you open that right side cabinet door next to the terlet??? LOL

  • It is referred to as “a small terrace”.

  • it should also be described as “awkwardly placed.”

  • it should also be described as “awkwardly placed.”

  • Pretty. I bet it goes for around $800k. If I bought it I would install a chain ladder and exit my apartment from where the front door originally was.

  • I like the address. Pics show a Brownstone that has basically been eviscerated of all detail other than those drafty windows. I too had to laugh at the cabinet door that is aimed to open 1/4 of the way before it hits the toilet.

  • My problem with the bathroom cabinet was not how to open the doors, but that they made the base cabinet so deep that it impinges on the space you want around the toilet. Now most places I’ve lived in, being old apartments, have never had the recommended space on either side of the toilet, but why would you build something so deep to cut off the space when there was no reason to? Fix now would be to just take off the doors – but the cabinet should be less deep than it is, too.

    I don’t have a problem with the little “terrace” in place of where they ripped off the stoop, except that I’d find it a security concern that there is so easy access to the door via the stoop railing next door.

    The windows and door are pretty, but then again, with all those panes, and vertically-opening door and windows, where is there room to put in an AC? It appears there is no way to cool the entire front half of the apartment!

    And that bedroom closet doesn’t look at all like it is drawn on the floorplan. I’d want it to be able to open up more, like on the floorplan, and I don’t like the country look of those white plank doors in a brownstone. Fixable, though. AC may be more of a problem. It’ll sell, though, these brownstone floorthroughs up toward the park that have extra space always do.