5th Ave Reno: Let the Framing Continue!

Our renovation continues to move along quickly and well. The addition is going up, steel is being laid, and framing continues. We are adding a fourth bedroom, a second bathroom and living space in the 500-square-foot addition.  And while the addition is being built, the existing floor, after a massive demo, is getting a fresh new feel. The layout is pretty much the same except for a few changes: The bathroom is bigger since we combined the existing bathroom with one large closet and one smaller closet. The semi-partition that divided the kitchen and dining area will be replaced with a kitchen island, which will open up the space and make it feel larger.

We also decided to strip the paint off the two fireplaces in the apartment. This is the fireplace in the master bedroom. Our friend and all around handyman Dwight Bills is helping with this project. After stripping the paint on this fireplace, the marble emerged a pink brown hue. Dwight will add a treatment to bring out the true color, which should be a little lighter.


This is the fireplace in the dining area. It has burnt stains and is dark, making it very hard to see the tiger veining in the marble. Dwight will add a treatment to this fireplace as well. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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