Still Restoring Power in NYCHA Housing

Yesterday NYCHA announced which buildings still do not have electricity, heat or hot water restored. So far NYCHA has assessed all of its properties in the city and while it found no significant structural damage anywhere, more than half of the buildings were flooded in the boiler or electrical meter rooms. Still without electricity are 36 buildings and 3,434 units in Brooklyn; 61 buildings and 5,564 units in the borough are still without heat. This includes buildings in Brighton Beach without electricity or power. NYCHA has restored heat and power at the Gowanus Houses. And many of the buildings in the Red Hook Houses still are without both heat and electricity. NYCHA has been acquiring back-up generators and temporary boilers but has not given a timeline when all the power and electricity will be back. “We are working to address these issues as quickly as possible,” the organization announced. Yesterday the New York Daily News reported specifically on the issues and frustrations at the Red Hook Houses, pictured above.
Photo by Ignatzybanjo

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  • does NYCHA know that the HPD fine for no heat is $250/day/unit?

  • NYCHA is a model of efficiency so all of this is very surprising.

  • NYCHA has been sitting on a $1 billion dollar renovation fund but has refused to spend it. And they are still foot-dragging and doing this on the cheap.

  • Actually, I brought supplies to the Gowanus houses this evening and learned that they have NOT yet restored heat and power there. As of today there are 8 buildings without power and at least 4 without heat/hot water. ConEd is ready and willing to do the necessary repairs, but without a signature from NYCHA they can’t proceed. Something needs to be done about this!

  • I can’t believe this isn’t getting more press. WTF

    • 3206 apartments in Red Hook without electricity is very disappointing, the Mayor needs to get on NYCHA for not moving fast enough. I have yet to see anything restored in Red hook West. When I call the management office for any update, I can’t even get an answer, These city workers are taking full advantage of the overtime pay and aren’t doing what they suppose to do. I see them standing around having long conversations with each other like they don’t have a care in the world. Where are the supervisors, managers??? They all a bunch of crooks and need to be held responsible… Until I get electricity I Won’t be paying my rent and I hope they send me to court!! I will pay when I’m able to have what is necessary to live in my apartment.

  • I still don’t have power out her in the sticks, but with a pre-war house I do have a fireplace that is getting a lot of use. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the elderly, disabled and very young in these places without heat at the moment.