Two Hotels, Both by Kaufman, Slated for Schermerhorn

Demolition for The Hub is not the only interesting thing happening on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Two empty lots are showing signs of life, and it looks like both will be hotels. The first lot, on the corner of Nevins and Schermerhorn, has signage up for a “Nevins Street Hotel” project. The DOB approved plans for a 12-story, 182-unit building last year before the site sold this January. Permits approved just last month maintain the twelve stories and the architect, Gene Kaufman. The developer on record is New York City-based firm Barone Management; the ETA is April of 2014. And over at 300 Schermerhorn Street, right between Nevins and Bond, a Holiday Inn is definitely confirmed. DOB renewed permits for a 14-story, 247-unit hotel this summer, but we weren’t sure if plans for the Holiday Inn still stood. Believe it or not, Gene Kaufman is listed as the architect on record for that hotel, too! Here’s the only rendering for those plans. The Mehta family, which paid $11 million for the lot in 2007, is still the developer and plans to finish construction by December 2014. A reader, who sent the photograph above, wonders, “Is this long-zombified block soon going to be breathing with life again? I hope so.” Click through for pics of the Holiday Inn site.
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  • I live right near that lot on 300 Schermerhorn and would honestly be shocked if anything happened over there soon. Even with that completion date far away, I never see anything happening over there even since the permits have been renewed. The dob also still lists them as a “stalled site” since 2010.

    • Give them time. They’ve got to piece together new financing, probably But with the new buildings coming on the avenue including that gigantic high rise down near Flatbush and the garage that is up for sale, I can’t image that this lot will stay dormant for long.

  • Gene Kaufman knows how to get the most out of a tight site. See the Sheraton lobby and below grade space. And he gets hotels.

  • Gene Kaufman knows how to get the most out of a tight site. See the Sheraton lobby and below grade space. And he gets hotels.

  • Unfortunately that they will be hotels and not residential buildings. But that’s the result of obnoxious city zoning that favors hotels over residential structures.

    • They could have been residential. There’s nothing in the zoning that makes it less beneficial to have residential on these lots. Just look at the Be@Schermerhorn building, the rental building above the A/C/G train station and the new 52 story residential tower coming to Schermerhorn between Nevins and 3rd Avenue.

  • These are good spots for small branded hotels. They will be very successful here.

  • Actually zoning steps down substantially on the South side of Schermerhorn, and high rise residential isn’t possible. Residential development is limited to like 8 stories or so tops on the South side, while it’s possible to go up about 12-13 with a hotel. There’s a hard cap on height on the South side, which the “community” fought for when downtown bk was rezoned about 10 years ago. Also, Schermerhorn is a tough stretch b/c of the subway down below.