The Times on Brownstoner, the Flea and 1000 Dean

It’s a bit meta to reblog a New York Times story about oneself, but such is the predicament that yesterday’s piece by Liz Robbins, “Kings of a Small-Batch Empire in Brooklyn,” puts us in. It was obviously a huge honor and hugely satisfying to have the paper of record do such a deep dive into the various business endeavors that we’ve spent the past few years working on. (And to note for the record that it all started right here with this blog!) While the ink about 1000 Dean Street and the Brooklyn Flea beer hall and food court was more than welcome, it was particularly cool to have a journalist look at The Flea and Smorgasburg as the business incubators that they really are. There is such entrepreneurial spirit in Brooklyn right now and it’s incredibly satisfying to be playing a part in it. Interested, as always, in everyone else’s reaction.
Kings of a Small-Batch Empire in Brooklyn [NY Times]

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  • good story, congrats on the well-deserved recognition

  • congratulations, indeed! i can’t comment about how smorg and the flea have developed, since i haven’t been in some time and they aren’t located close enough to me to feel any of the externalities. but i can say that i think for crown heights to have you guys involved and with some real skin in the game is really tremendous. over here in PH, the development is coming (thanks to barclays) and it just doesn’t make sense to be opposed to development as a rule. folks who are concerned should engage early, and engage often, to help businesses see that it’s worth it for them to work for the community and be good neighbors. so make sure you plant lots of trees, and support local organizations…and put up *excellent* sound barriers around your beer garden! :)