House of the Day: 380 Degraw Street

This Italianate brownstone at 380 Degraw Street in Carroll Gardens has already been updated and restored. The four-story single family has a modern kitchen on the parlor level with a deck leading down to the garden, four bedrooms on the two upper floors, and a media room and playroom on the garden level. It’s not lacking for crown molding and marble fireplaces either. What do you think of it for $3,475,000?
380 Degraw Street [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • “updated and restored” except for those terrible white windows.

  • Can Brownstoner do a story on where sellers are relocating? Beyond the retirees (this home and many other have rooms or play spaces that seem to indicate young children live there.) I’m so curious as to where folks are ending up after winning the real estate lottery.

  • Fine stretch of Italianates on that side of DeGraw, albeit lacking the tree canopy of some nearby blocks. Close to everything. Seems like a lot for a 20 footer but I won’t be surprised when it pops up in the biggest recorded sales of the week four months hence.

  • Holy cow! Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job renovating the place. I wish it had more architecturally appropriate windows, but none-the-less, $3,475,000???? Do you know how much money a two income household has to be earning in order to cover the costs of living in this place? Let’s say you’re not being conservative and going with 1/3rd of your salary toward housing. Let’s be modest and say 50%. Well, if you put 20% down and wind up with a loan of $2,780,000.00, your monthly payment is over $13,200 at today’s rates. You’ve got to have a household income of $400,000 to live in this place, at least! Jesus Christ, where the heck are people getting all this money from? Rest assured, there won’t be some stay at home, hipster dad with a baby carrier walking to Bagels by the Park living in this house. That’s just insane! Also, no powder room/1/2 bath on the first floor even though that’s where the kitchen/eating area are? In my opinion that’s a poor choice.

    • Lots of lawyers and wall street folks pulling down half a million per year. Also, if you sold your condo in Tribeca that you bought 10 years ago, you would probably have a lot more than 20% down. Bet a lot of these high end properties are all cash sales. Welcome to the world of the 1%.

  • Hey BrooklynSteve – this is NYC my friend, not Des Moines, Iowa nor Desmond, Tennessee. Do you not think, or are you really puzzled that someone can actually afford this?? Really?