House of the Day: 292 Sterling Street

We love the Arts & Crafts details in this landmarked brownstone at 292 Sterling Street, particularly the tile fireplace and inglenook. (That room, by the way, would have been called a “hall” back in the day; the room labelled “den” on the floor plan is the dining room.) The one-family, two-story house appears to be well maintained, and the boiler, furnace and roof were replaced in the last few years, according to the listing. It’s walking distance to Prospect Park too. There is an additional apartment on the basement level that is not shown in the floor plan; the house does not appear to be bound by the one-family covenant of Lefferts Manor, although it is part of the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Historic District. What do you think of it for $880,000?
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  • Nice house. FWIW, “mother-in-law suite” is broker speak for illegal apartment.

  • nice house but way overpriced for right next to busy nostrand ave. . . .far from park and more convenient Q train

  • “the house does not appear to be bound by the one-family covenant of Lefferts Manor, although it is part of the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Historic District”

    Because it’s NOT in Lefferts Manor. Sterling II & III, Lefferts II & III, and the north side of Lincoln II are IN the PLG Historic District, but NOT IN Lefferts Manor (all of which is in the HD). All that being said, it’s a lovely house and Sterling III is s great block. Also, it’s not really all that far from the park and the Q train–just one block further than my house in the Manor. Of course for SOME destinations the #2 train at Sterling Street is actually better than the Q and when the rare blizzard stops the Q (which runs in an open cut) the 2 keeps going.

  • Halstead also appears to be renting the very same place for $3800/mo. At that price the ask is almost 20x annual rent. Is that a typical metric, or does that not apply when talking about an entire house?

  • Weird. the rental listing makes no mention of the “mother-in-law suite” in the basement. Seems kind of shady to be renting out a house and preserving the illegal below-grade apartment for either the owner’s use or another tenant.

  • This house will sell very fast. Where in Brooklyn can you find a brownstone for under a $1M and within walking distance to the park? I really am bullish on PLG changing quite dramatically over the next 10 years. I am beginning to see a slew of youngish hipsters getting off of the B/Q and even 2/5 trains. In addition the Prospect Park Lakeside project is going to appeal to families currently paying through their nose for a tiny apartment rental in Park Slope, Cobble Hill, or Brooklyn Heights. I really think some people get scared by the demographics of PLG but Park Slope back in the 1980’s (especially along 5th Avenue) was not very different and look at that area now.

    • I’f I’m spending 800k i don’t think I want to wait 10 years, thanks…

      • Andrewluke, may I ask what would you spend $800K on right now? And if its entirely different from real estate in Brooklyn (i.e. stocks, bonds, or a suburban home) than that’s like comparing apples vs. oranges.

        This place is perfect for a growing family and still has rather close access to the same park that people in Park Slope rave about. For $800K you will barely afford a 2 bedroom in Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights, which has no outdoor space. Here you can BBQ in your backyard to your heart’s desire and not go stir crazy hearing your neighbor’s footsteps above you all the time. I would choose this over a condo or co-op any day!!

  • Very pretty house. Some really lovely details. I might be tempted to take down the wall separating the “den” and kitchen to create a bigger kitchen.

  • As Bob said – it is outside the manor so no issues with the covenant. It’s a very nice block and the 2/5 is just around the corner. This part of LG hasn’t gotten the gentrification bug via Rogers/Nostrand Ave corridors, in terms of retailing but will, much sooner than 10 years. Good bones and decent kitchen – not a bad ask.

    @Andrew, if you have 1 million and are not willing to wait 10 years – there is always a Condo.

  • It is a legal one-family house, so that apartment is not a legal rental (besides, it’s in the basement, which is never a legal rental). In terms of houses not in the Manor (or even the HD), I offer three recent one and two family house sales:

    136 Hawthorne St – 1 family, sold on 8/7/12 for $1,125 million
    343 Maple St – 2 family, east of Nostrand Ave, sold on 6/20/12 for $959K
    69 Sterling St. – 2 Family, sold on 7/5/12 for $885K.

    There is an accepted offer, as well as MULTIPLE back-ups, all for over ask, and several all-cash.

  • Lot of money for a high crime area and cramped kitchen; no bath on first floor. Lack of inventory is making buyers looking for houses nuts, and they are overpaying.

    • I live in the area and wouldn’t say it’s a “high crime area”. There is crime but nothing extreme to the point where I generally feel unsafe. Either way, I agree the house is over priced. Houses in the neighborhood that sold for comparable prices were more centrally located in the manor, were larger, had real bedrooms-this is more like a two bedroom with an office. Houses in this price category also generally have more bathrooms. A bathroom in the basement doesn’t really count (I prefer not to send guests to my basement to use the bathroom). Also, agree about the kitchen, its ridiculous. At least its in good condition, should be priced closer to $650,000.

      • I do agree that this is not a “high crime area” at all. Actually crime continues to drop each year.

        However, your comparision that houses in the central manor sell for this price is severly underestimated. Most houses in the Manor sell for over $1M nowadays. I guarantee this house will sell for way over your estimate of $650K. You have completely underestimated the demand for brownstones and this block of Sterling Street is really nice.

        Secondly, who wants to deal with poo mist by having a bathroom built on the parlor level. Is it really that much of a hassle to have your guests go down to the basement bath? Actually if I was a guest I would prefer to use a basement bath vs. a parlor bath just to have some privacy.