Tuesday Links

Speaker Said He Asked Assemblyman to Resign [NY Times]
Nets Players May Find Brooklyn a Tempting Place to Live [NY Times]
Two Fatally Stabbed, Two Shot as Violence Follows Parade [NY Times]
Tempers Cool in Brooklyn After Pool’s Rocky Rebirth [NY Times]
Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, 5:40 a.m. [NY Times]
Likely Successor to Disgraced Brooklyn Leader is Friend, Protege [NY Times]
Brooklyn Building Hot Spot: Second Fire in Three Months [NY Post]
Firefighters Injured, Residents Displaced in Fire [NY Post]
Hero Rescued Falling Child [NY Post]
NY Dem Leaders Call for Lopez to Step Down [NY Post]
Lopez Likely to Easily Win Election Over Republican Challenger [NY Post]
Grope-a-Dope Vito Target of Criminal Probe [NY Post]
Brooklyn Diner Worker Slashed [NY Post]
Woman Fighting for Life After Father Burns Her With Drain Cleaner [NY Post]
Boy, 4, Still Asking for Mommy After Seeing Her Shot [NY Post]
Cops Tail Councilman Through Parade for His Safety [NY Daily News]
Parade a Peaceful Show of Pride, Culture [NY Daily News]
Bodega Bandit Busted by Dropping Bag [NY Daily News]
Carnival Worker Dies After Being Hit in Head by Ride [NY Daily News]
People Choose Which Art Gets Into Brooklyn Museum Show [NY Daily News]
Parents Inconsolable at 13-Year-Old Son’s Funeral [NY Daily News]
One Arrest in One of Two Fatal Stabbings in Brooklyn [WSJ]
Special Prosecutor Sought for Vito Lopez Probe [WSJ]
Walgreens Opponents Release List of Demands [Brooklyn Paper]
What Happened to the Atlantic Yards Jobs? [AYR]
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