Participatory Budgeting Is Back

The second year of participatory budgeting is ready to roll. Last year seven projects were funded with the $1 million set aside for the community by local politicians. Over 3,000 people participated in the actual process, with Brooklynites submitting almost a thousand ideas for funding. This year there will be neighborhood assemblies at five Brooklyn locations in late September to early October to discuss potential projects. Just go here to RSVP. And if you’d like to volunteer with the process, you can email Council Member Brad Lander’s office at

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  • Levin’s doing it, too – if you want to expand your article.


  • Levin and Lander did it last year too – and my totally inept councilperson responded to our demands that he do the same by holding a town hall meeting at which he promised to open up the entire budgetary process to civilian input (as if that were possible). Result one year later – nada, as usual. Vote him out in 2013!