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  • Is it just me or is St. James Place an absolute steal?

    Or is this some sort of rent-controlled/SRO shitshow?

  • that PS house is fantastic, but I don’t know how living on 9th Street would be.

  • Re: the St. James Pl house. It’s a 6 family and only 4 of the 6 apartments are vacant. Renovating and reconfiguring would almost be impossible.

  • That kitchen island on 9th St is cracking me up (see description on Brown Harris site)–you’re supposed to have dinner parties with a big sink as your centerpiece?

  • That Westminster house is gorgeous.

  • Is 9th Street narrow or shallow? Why stage the LR without a sofa? The kitchen is a nightmare. Who would do this? I don’t care how many goateed hipsters crafted that kitchen island. I want a dining table in my $2.7M house and I would like the sink to be close to the stove.

  • 9th St. house was OHP on June 1. Why keep pimping it?

  • I think living on 9th st is fine…but maybe that exact spot is bit too commercial. They need to make a bit more curb appeal for that money too.
    And yes, does seem to be a repeat.

  • This is definitely the second time around for this listing, the photo was out of date at that time and still has not been updated. Before the previous open house pick, the owner had taken down that crappy white door and put up mahogany doors which are more appropriate for the house. In addition, they
    took down the magnolia tree that is in front of the house and installed a tiny patch of sod which looks bedraggled at this time. They did put up planters on the shared stoop with that other unfinished house (with the concreted up ground floor window/door area). The windows look much better too. This photo must be at least from March, It never ceases to amaze me how lazy brokers are when they are looking the potential commission on a sale of over 2.5 million.