House of the Day: 87A Guernsey Street

This recently remodeled $2.5 million single family house a stone’s throw from McCarren Park in Greenpoint contains a wine cellar, chef’s kitchen, deck, music studio, library and dressing room. Curbed speculates that it’s the abode of male model and music producer Josh Wald. Can you see yourself living here?
87A Guernsey Street [Douglas Elliman] GMAP P*Shark

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  • “This recently remodeled $2.5 million single family house”

    Someone please resuscitate me, I’m gasping for air.
    WTF?!?!?!?!?! $2.5million?!?!?!?!? For That? For There?

  • “This recently remodeled $2.5 million single family house”

    Someone please resuscitate me, I’m gasping for air.
    WTF?!?!?!?!?! $2.5million?!?!?!?!? For That? For There?

  • Can I see myself living there? No. Not for $2.5 million. Take a million dollars off and maybe I’d consider it. I don’t care if Mick Jagger himself lived there.

  • I went back and looked at the listing again and streetview…..and I’ll say it again.
    Someone please tell me this is a joke. This has got to be Brooklyn Real Estate Insanity at its absurdity. Is the desire to live in Brooklyn that requisite that mediocre houses on blocks with crappy architecture are priced so high to make the illusion of grandeur.

  • it’s a one family.
    Why the fire escape?

  • it’s a one family.
    Why the fire escape?

  • I have no idea if it’s worth the money but I like it. Would love to have a dressing room of my own complete with skylight. that kitchen and the bathroom look incredible to me. love it.

  • Cedar shake shingle looks lovely in Breezy Point, but Greenpoint?

    There is no accounting for taste. But agreed, that is one helluva closet.

  • I see Brownstoner has classified yet another non-Bushwick home as Bushwick – similar to the one on my street a few weeks back. Seriously how far upstate does one have to go to get out of Bushwick? This house is GREENPOINT not Bushwick.

    Can’t comment on the price – I’m sure the market will decide if it is out of reach or not. Nice house, love the remodel. We walked by it just last week and commented on the new smooth shake real wood siding and how it actually works well with the old steel/tin cornice at the top. Love the short glass awning/porch as well. Nice quiet block but still close to everything in both Williamsburg and Greenpoint alike. I notice on the DOB it was changed form a 3 family to a 1 last year which would explain the fire escape. Perhaps he wanted to leave it on for personality sake. Different strokes for different folks. Some folks like the style, neighborhood, and amenities. Some don’t. Hope he gets near his ask. Time will tell.

  • PS says this is a 3 fam. I am not certain how one could get financing for a building zoned 3 fam with one kitchen. All cash buyer? Surely wouldn’t appraise. Short lot @ 80ft. The reno is something like you would see in soho, and i think very desirable for a trust funder who can’t afford soho.

    Howevz, its still 8 blocks from subway – they are pricing this as a gay fabulous version of Pat Kiernan’s comp. But this is Greenpoint, not primetime. Being able to wave your Polska Kielbasa in McCarren park pool doesn’t get you there.

    Basically here is the anatomy of an illusion: have sick success with little merit, hang out with groupthink fashion morons, make up titles (such as producer or skateboarder) to make people think you have substance. Hey, it works in the club.

    After reno on a $920k purchase price list it really high so a decent haircut will still give you a home run. No one will know, my stuff is always worth more just because. Who can put a price on fierce?

    • Look on ACRIS and the DOB. They did an Alt 1 (among 10 other alt 2’s) and it is now a legal 1 family. It’s just a couple blocks from the Nassau stop on the G. Yes, I know – the G sucks – but it’s still viable. I also believe the price is too high, but who can tell in this market in this part of Brooklyn. Crazy prices for shacks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint have been occurring on for the past few years and only seem to be going up.

  • How much would it cost to redo the flooring?

  • That price is a brownstone in Park Slope Carroll Gardens or Fort Greene. With details. This is an ugly house in….Greenpoint. Lop off a million then start from there. Craziest price on this site in awhile.

  • “forget about buying an apartment with rising monthly carrying costs and pesty hallway neighbors”

  • Interior is nice, but facade is akward. Windows are too small.

  • true, it still has a cheap tenement curb appeal. i’d say a mil off would be appropriate. maybe $1.7 for a honey badger.

  • Too pricey. But you can park your car easily, Williamsburg is walkable, and the city is 15 mins or less in a taxi through the midtown tunnel when you’re coming home after a wild night out. A million off.

  • cyrka – thats classic Polish Greenpoint. They love putting in smaller windows – places all over 11222 like that.

  • Yes, the price seems ludicrous, but to be honest, I don’t think most of the posters here have any clue what is going on in Greenpoint right now. The neighborhood has literally exploded and is much more expensive than Park Slope at the moment, and is easily outselling all of brownstone Bk.

    There is absolutely nothing for sale for sale there. Literally one house comes up every several months. No one ever moves. It’s an extremely safe place to live that is 15 min from Manhattan and walking distance to Williamsburg. There is a quickly developing waterfront. Did I mention that 2 of the local elementary schools are rated 10 out of 10 by Great Schools? There’s not nearly as many kids as PS so they’re presumably easier to get into. Add all that up and you get the most in-demand market in Brooklyn. Anything that comes on the market sells within a week, almost all above ask.

    There seems to be literally no ceiling. Last month a renovated single family came up on Lorimer for $1.8 million, unprecedented for the neighborhood. I thought for sure there would be no buyers and it would never sell. Nope. In contract within a week of the first open house.

    Having said that, I personally think this home is absolutely gorgeous. I probably would not drop that much $ on it even if I could afford it, but I don’t doubt that someone will. I predict it’s gone within 2 weeks.

  • Brooklyn’s official motto should be: “hey, it can’t hurt to ask”

  • Brooklyn’s official motto should be: “hey, it can’t hurt to ask”

  • Awful facade. It would be nice to see people who put so much thought into their interior renovations consider doing the same for the exterior. Maybe restoring the clapboard and giving it a nice paint job would have been more appropriate. Asking is too high, but he probably spent almost that much on his renovation.

  • Greenpoint is not more expensive, let alone much more expensive than Park Slope. Try renting a family size apartment in PS 321 zoned Park Slope for anything close to what you could get in Greenpoint. And a Park Slope brownstone restored to the level this place is would fly at 2.5 mil, no one would scoff at the price like we are here. I kinda love Greenpoint, but lets be real. Sounds like broker spin to me.

    • Greenpoint is getting pretty close to PS prices, if not quite there. Part of it is that Greenpoint is smaller and in general does not have the quality of housing stock available in PS, so there is more competition for the quality apartments/houses that are available. Anecdata: I’ve had two friends rent 1BRs in the past two months, one in Greenpoint on Franklin Ave and one in PS on 8th Ave. They ended up each paying $2000 a month, but the PS apartment is 50% bigger.

  • Closet envy is a well known, but little understood social disease. The furnishings are meh, but the finishes are quite nice. Overall the house is lovely even with the cedar exterior.

  • I think it is a successful tasteful renovation. A town house renovation in NYC area is exhausting and expensive. if the space was gutted down, new systems were installed, plumbing, electric wiring, new facade, new windows, bathrooms, kitchen, terrace,etc plus a recording studio, the renovation must have cost over a million. All these nasty comments must be stemming from space envy.

  • You rich, aging hipsters sure do hate each other, maybe more than you hate Republicans. It’s a good thing you have the cops, your nice homes, access to plenty of farm-to-table cuisine, and probably some serious doubts about your fighting skills to keep you from each other’s throats or else your tony neighborhoods might turn into a scene out of Night of the Living Bedhead.

  • I like the interior. The price is ridiculous.

    I’m a Republican.

    Josh isn’t my cup of tea from the Times photo. Was he a hand model?? :)

  • Gorgeous place. Nicely decorated, sunlit. Very serene.

  • You’ll see someone will probably offer a 2million for the place. Maybe the former CEO of Lehman Bros. might be interested. Seems he’s still in circulation and has quite a bit of money left.

  • Fuld lives in Greenwich. Doubt he wants Greeenpoint!!!! Here’s one of his 5 houses.

  • Let’s see… Bought the house 3 years ago at 920K and is trying to sell it for 2.5MIL. 3 years later in this market: You don’t live on Bedford…Good luck Josh.

  • I love cedar shingles. You have to remember they’ll gray as they age and will look more subtle. They don’t remain this color forever. Do people not know that? And what’s the alternative, a new brick & mortar facade? Sorry but yuck. I agree all the hating here is just jealousy. Nothing stands out as bad about this renovation or house.

  • “The neighborhood has literally exploded”

    Goodness. Such danger seems like it might be a bit of a turnoff for your average buyer. Maybe that’s where he got the shingles, though.

    Interior seems rather pretty, exterior not my cup of tea (windows’ relationship to the surface of the facade seems really awkward – needs some bigger wooden framing around them or something? It’s like they’re floating aimlessly in a pool of shingles) and price seems nuts, but all the prices in the boro are nuts, so it’s hard for me to call it out as ‘more’ crazy than, say, a crapbox for 450k in east new york or a tiny featureless brownstone in PS for 1.5.

    From the NYT, I had really hoped for more vitriol. Alas.