Friday Links

From Weeds and Bricks to Media Hub in Brooklyn [NY Times]
Struggling Brooklyn Market Loses a Farmer [NY Times]
Serious Artists Plan Whimsy in the Sand [NY Times]
Mosh Pits and Music for All Ages [NY Times]
Founder of Digital Music Company is Ousted [NY Times]
For Buckyballs Toys, Child Safety Is a Growing Issue [NY Times]
Teen “Thug” Busted for Shooting Four at Playground [NY Post]
Family of Fatally Shot Brooklyn Woman Calls for Investigation [NY Post]
Subway Conductor Saves Kitten Stuck in Chips Bag on Track [NY Daily News]
Bodega Clerk Maimed Over Beer [NY Daily News]
Better-Than-Chelsea-Market Concept Proposed for the ‘Burg [Curbed]
Arena Neighborhood Protection Plan Community Meeting Set for Sept. 5 [AYR]
“Boardwalk Empire” Planned Controlled Explosion in Greenpoint [TRD]
Rep. Ed Towns Allegedly Covered Up Involvement in Mortgage Scandal [TRD]
Photo by TrespassersWill