Construction at Soon-to-Be BBQ Joint in Clinton Hill

Construction is underway at the Le Grand Dakar space on the corner of Grand Avenue and Clifton Place in Clinton Hill. After we heard a rumor that the owners of the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene would expand here, Eater confirmed shortly thereafter. The new restaurant will be another branch of Little Brother BBQ. (The owners are also responsible for Peaches and Peaches Hothouse.) It also looks like the new BBQ spot will also take up the former Still Hip space next door.
Little Brother BBQ to Open in Former Dakar Space [Eater]
Barbecue Coming to Former Le Grand Dakar Space? [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • I eat at Smoke Joint occasionally and its bbq is passable but truthfully could be much better.

  • I eat at Smoke Joint occasionally and its bbq is passable but truthfully could be much better.

  • I think these guys may be spreading themselves too thin opening all these places. The Pantry, which they opened this summer on the same block as Peaches, seems to be a work in progress. I’ve been there twice on a weekend day when they have told me they have run out of coffee. Come on, that’s ridiculous. The staff seems clueless. I know the owners know how to run a business, so I can only believe that they are distracted. How else to explain how bad The Pantry has been to date. I think the concept si great and can be successful if the owners just but more effor into it. It seems like it’s an afterthought. Also, the Bar at Peaches, which is next door to Peaches, has been closed for weeks. It seems like there might be something wrong with licensing, etc. Who knows. They have made no effort to explain what’s going on.

  • I have similar experiences: food quality is variable (some times great/sometimes poor or mediocre); but what has really annoyed me is how crappy (or untrained) some of their employees can be.

  • I am a friend of the Peaches/SJ guys and think your source may be mistaken about BBQ. Also, there is no licensing issue for the Peaches bar. People seem to be driven to think the worse – no offense to maconstreetman – but I read the same misinformation on another local blog. They applied for a separate license for the bar space and it was granted. You could probably actually check that out. Through community the board maybe? Coffee is not my thing, so I cannot fully comment on that part. I do appreciate that the Pantry offers another attractive option in the neighborhood – and maybe even more importantly – another option for local employment. The more jobs being created in Brooklyn the better. I’m just saying…

  • Bummer; was hoping for some good food in this great spot.

  • First, when a business does not tell its customers why it suddenly closes for weeks, the owners need to understand that they will be subject to speculation. Second, I already had looked up the bar’s liquor license and there is no license listed on the NYS Liquor Authority’s web site for 403 Lewis Avenue. I’m not saying they don’t have one, it’s just not listed on the web site. I will repeat that The Pantry concept is great – it’s just not being executed properly. Regarding employment, you need to employ people who know what they are doing and are capable of doing a good job and not just to give someone a job. I was at the Pantry yesterday and the employees were surly, slow, bored and not very knowledgeable. Again, they had no coffee!! I want The Pantry and the other businesses on Lewis to be great and I hope they will be. I think Peaches does a pretty good job – so I think the owners are capable of running The Pantry in a better fashion.

  • Hope they’re going to be open late nights and around the clock on weekends. I’m less concerned with the quality of the food than creating as much legitimate late night foot traffic at the corner of Clifton and Grand as possible, to fend off the drug traffic on that corner. Hope they put up cameras as well, and insist that the 88th keep the intersection clear of its longtime nightlife. Welcome to the hood, Little Brother!