House of the Day: 390 Dean Street

This new listing at 390 Dean Street between 4th and 5th Avenues has some original detail to recommend it but it’s definitely not on a par with some other finished houses that are priced within range of this place’s $2,295,000 asking price. The kitchens, in particular, aren’t what you’d hope to see. Combined with the location, we’d say this place is a little overpriced but in the right hands could be a very sweet house.
390 Dean Street [Sotheby’s] GMAP P*Shark

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  • take those God awful shelves off the wall.

    needs another configuration. i cant understand a living room and a family room on the same floor, to me, they are both one and the same.

    I like my kitchen on the same floor as my living room.

  • Usually the kitchen is on the parlor floor but here it’s on the third floor. The kitchen shares a floor with the dining room, surely you could find a way to use some of that space as a living room as well.

  • Almost $2.3 for a not-quite workable configuration and a prime spot for the potentially sketchy/drunk crowds who will be flocking to the Barclays Center? Nope, sorry.

  • Someone’s just testing the market, given the astronomical prices we’ve been seeing recently. This needs a lot of work, and a serious price cut. But Prop Shark shows the owners paid $1.7 for it in 2007, which is about what it’s worth now, given the extensive renovation that would be required.

  • Wow. Somebody just can’t get enough IKEA in their lives.

  • Wow, listen up Mh330…People purchase what can fit their budget. This is not my place, but I do have something sImilar. I also have a wife, a baby, and a mortgage. As well a host other bills. I am grateful Ikea offers me an affordable option for decorating. It’s really in poor taste for you to make a snarky comment about what they furnished their house with when you don’t know the full story of their situation.