Friday Links

In Subway, Activist Records Stop-and-Frisk He Says Proves Dark Side [NY Times]
Two Dozen Firefighters Hurt in Brooklyn Fire [NY Times]
On Delay in Bike Share, City Gives Few Details Beyond “Software” [NY Times]
McCarren Pool a Punchline [NY Post]
61-Year-Old Man Killed in Brooklyn When Lightning Struck Church [NY Daily News]
Halal Holdup! Bensonhurst Robbers Hold Up Food Carts [Brooklyn Daily]
City Council OKs Controversial Affordable-Housing Rule [Crain’s]
The Changing Color of Our Neighborhoods [CNN Radio]
Sheepshead Bay Mosque Becomes Political Pawn [TRD]
As BB Park Nears Completion, Surrounding Hoods Mature [TRD]
Rental Scam Endangers Brooklyn Boxing Club [TRD]
Police Look for Alleged Gowanus Scrap Metal Shop Robbers [NY1]
Photo by Micah Garen

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