Brooklyn Eagle Building Totally, Completely Gone

It was almost a month ago that demolition began on the old one-story building that used to house the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper at 30 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. After a quick start, the demolition seemed to slow a bit but the building is definitely all gone now. We got a look through the open fence yesterday and all that was left was the foundation from the original building. Up next: A five-story apartment building brought to you by Fortis. Rendering here.
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  • It was just a little building, what took so long?
    Have they taken down the house that partially collapsed in Carroll Gardens yet? I have been meaning to pass by but haven’t.

  • Eleven posts and we have gotten to, “all that was left was the foundation from the original building.” This is going to be a long story, isn’t it?

  • The best part about the eagle demolition is that it revealed the ghost of an older building on the site (probably one of the original frame buildings). Check out the far left of the picture by the bobcat (on the wall of the noodle pudding building).

  • This was a two-story building, with an apartment on the second floor, reached by a side entrance on Middagh Street. Not much demolition for the last week. You can look in and see the hole in the garage floor into the basement, but that has not yet been emptied out. Perhaps boiler and oil tank need to be removed, and they may contain asbestos.