Wednesday Links

Public Advocate to Call for Audit of Stop-and-Frisk Tactic [NY Times]
‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Author Maurice Sendak Dies [AP via Eagle]
No Clarity on When the Carlton Ave Bridge Will Re-Open [AY Report]
‘Disasters’ On Cadman Plaza East, Downtown Brooklyn [McBrooklyn]
ACS To Move Juvenile Facilities To Five Boroughs [NY1]
Manhattan Apartment Rents Soar, Again [WSJ]
NY-Area’s Foreclosures Still Rising [Crain’s]
Bike Share Backstory [WNYC]

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  • The stop and frisk thing is horrible and it needs to be abolished. Me and my partner had this done to us 2 summers ago, we were going to our building and 3 guys jumped out of a van and said “excuse me”…I thought they were movers… they made us stand against the car and frisked us, and asked do you have anything on you?, I was like what are you expecting to find???

    I was a lot nervous when the ugly cop put his hand in my pockets because I didn’t want him to plant anything in there that was not mine. It was a scary situation, and this is right in front of my building…..he then tells us we that live in a heavy drug area, (OK, so what do you want me to do, move????)

    Fortunetely my partner has a badge in his wallet because his brother is a correction officer in Nassau County, they then became nice and said have a nice day, and walked away

    you have got to be kidding???

    To me, yes, this was a horrible experience. Just because we have that “look” that they think, is up to no good doesn’t mean we are bad people….

    I can’t help the way I look. I can’t help my nationality