Tomorrow: Fort Greene Association’s ’12 House Tour Select

Tomorrow, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., the Fort Greene Association will hold its 2012 “House Tour Select.” According to the chair of the association, the proceedings will be as follows: “Join me…I’ll be there at House Tour Select this weekend along with many of your neighbors as we take a personalized tour of some of Fort Greene’s finest. Fuel up…Included in your ticket and to fuel the walk, the talk, and the fun we’ll kick off the day at our Brunch Buffet at one of Fort Greene’s great restaurants. Come hungry to enjoy: Southern Fried Chicken or Smothered Chicken, Country Ham,Fried Whiting, French Toast with Fresh Strawberries, Homefries, Grits, Fresh Fruit Salad. Walk if off… As you tour 4 gems of the neighborhood. Chat directly with the owners about renovation techniques and decorating styles, browse through before and after shots, and pick up the local legends and stories that are unique to every home in Fort Greene. Cool down and relax…And then after tour our very special selection of “knock out” homes we’ll treat you to a intimate wine tasting in the cave of one of our local wine merchants. Get a taste of something different and go home with another new Fort Greene find.” Today is the last day to buy tix online, which cost $75 for members of the association, and $85 for nonmembers.

3 Comment

  • This is a new approach to house tours, no? Pay three times as much for the privilege of seeing half as many homes. For me, including the buffet brunch in the price of the ticket is very little incentive — though others might like that. I’ll be curious to see if this works for FGA. Wonder what motivated it? Too few home owners offering to show their houses or excessive concern by homeowners about the number of visitors?

  • I was doubtful about this kind of tour. It seemed possibly elitist and exclusionary. And my house was on the tour. But to my delight it was actually a lot more fun, more satisfying for everyone – inc this homeowner. I say, let’s do away with exhausting 1500 ppl tours! And yes, I think FGA did just fine.

  • Interesting, dkh. I’ve helped organize some of the Prospect Heights tours in recent years and it gets harder and harder to convince homeowners to participate. Not sure if this concept would fly in our neighborhood (there would definitely be concerns about exclusion) but maybe better than nothing?