Thursday Links

Caught Violating Weekend Copter Ban, Bloomberg Will Alter Flight Plans [NY Times]
Prosecutor Seeks to Force Rabbis to Report on Abuse [NY Times]
A Brooklyn Artist Free-Associates on Her Walls [NY Times]
FreshDirect Expands Delivery to Serve All of the Bronx [NY Times]
New-Look Nets Dancers to Host Open Auditions in Brooklyn [NY Post]
For Gay Couples, Tying the Knot Tangles Estates [WSJ]
Police Investigating Park Slope Groping Incident [NY1]
Tickets at All-New BAM Theater Will All Be $20 [NY Daily News]
Meet Barclays Center GM John Sparks, Just for a Bit [AY Report]
Slope’s Cantene Deli Closes Shop [Lost City]
Fleet Week Ahoy! [Eagle]

3 Comment

  • This f’in Mayor with these F’in helicopters just makes me irate.

    He did not know the disturbances he caused, is he on crack?
    Our Mayor is a piece of work. I wonder how he would feel if he had to listen to a bunch of helicopters flying around his home all day long. I bet the idiot would be singing a different tune.

    Everything Mayor Guiliani did for the ban on the helicopters was for OUR quality of life, and here we have this moron that re-instated all the tourist helicopters. Severl protests and congress peopl have written the Mayor letters about our quality of life and he keeps denying them.

    Bloomberg broke the law again, and he had a third term, and I am still not clear on how he did that????

    Actually, I hope Mayor Bloomberg crashes somewhere in his helicopter, not to die, but to get a good scare.