Gowanus Dance Parties Get Legit

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the once-illegal Gowanus dance parties at The Brooklyn Yard now have the blessing of Community Board Six. CB6 recommended a liquor licence for the outdoor parties, now called the Gowanus Grove, held every Sunday with local food vendors and music. Last year the parties stayed open until 8pm and beer was served, but the owners never went before the Community Board. The year before that, the dance parties were operating without liquor or sound licences and were shut down by the landlord. This year, the Gowanus Grove has new promoters, will hold dance parties until 9pm on Sundays, and serve food and beer. No word yet on the website when Sunday parties pick back up.
Gowanus-Side Dance Parties will Return this Summer [Brooklyn Paper]
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  • BP headline was not accurate. Only CB 6 Liquor Committee has approved. Full board is next week.

    Beer/wine. No vodka, mores the pity.

  • Bladderrunoffofboerumhill? Boozer!

  • As far as I know the music last year ended at 9pm, I was there a bunch, and it always ended at that time. Over the objections of the crowd!

    I spoke in favor of the summer permit at the meeting. The three guys presenting made it sound like there’s not going to be any difference in what happened there last year and this year…I don’t know where this business about them being illegal at some point is coming from. What was done a few years ago was not them.

    As far as I could tell from the CB meeting, they had all their permits last year, but they decided to go in front of the CB this year to make sure there was interaction with the community. From the events they’ve put on, many of which I have attended as I like to dance, you can tell these guys are responsible, and that definitely seemed to be the case at the meeting.

  • this is a great place for a party, looks like fun.

    why all these freaking permits necessary? this is no mans land anyway, geeeez, let the people have some fun.