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  • Sounds like a great way to insure passengers get shot by crazy livery drivers rather than the other way around (deserving or not, unfortunately).

  • haha, gypsy cab drivers and guns. that is a good laugh. could you imagine what these cretans would do? OTOH, they could always move to Texas and practice their trade.

  • I’m so happy charter schools have finally figured out a way to market themselves to rich white people who don’t want to pay for private school.

    You know, because I was really worried about that. Phew.

    • lol! it’s not really funny, of course. but as soon as i read this article i thought of you, heather.

      i have lots of views on this but what struck me the most was that these groups are directly appealing to these gentrifiers’ desire to have their kids’ school run by people that seem familiar and similar to them – former bond traders, “private practice lawyers,” and young, blonde former preschool teachers. i have observed a lack of comfort among my peer parents at the prospect of a principal originally from the islands and the majority black and hispanic veteran teachers at our zoned school, in comparison to the non-minority be-skinny-jeaned 27-year olds at the charters and lottery schools. there is definitely some bias at work here, and it really has nothing to do with the quality of the teaching (seeing as this particular teachers come from a poorly rated, but nevertheless popular charter school).

      then, of course, there is the unacknowledged hypocrisy of deliberately targeting enrollments at a much higher percentage of white and upper middle class parents than is representative of the local population. that higher concentration of non-minority kids has to come from somewhere – that’s right, it comes from peeling off the more advantaged kids from the zoned schools, directly and immediately making them less integrated than the neighborhood, and than they otherwise would be.