Thursday Links

Tunnel and Dredging Projects to Make Room for Bigger Ships in Harbor [NY Times]
Bloomberg Calls for Residential Smoking Rules [NY Times]
Taxi Owners Fight New Livery Rules [AP via NY Times]
Hundreds of Brooklyn Kids Waitlisted for Kindergarten [NY Daily News]
B61 Bus Stars in Michael Buscemi Movie [NY Daily News]
War on Brunch Sidewalk Dining in Williamsburg [BK Paper]
PortSide Steps Up Efforts To Save Mary A. Whalen [Eagle]
NYC Opera Makes BAM a Regular Venue [AP via Eagle]
Neighborhood Snapshot: Clinton Hill [WSJ]
Impact of Atlantic Yards Arena: TBD [AY Report]

2 Comment

  • So now Hilter Bloomberg want to in-state a no smoking in your apartment rule………where was he in the 70’s when all the adults smoked around the dining room table and the kids sat next to them???? we rode in cars with both parents smoking we breathed in second hand smoke for our whole childhoods, we survived…..we didn’t like it, but we survivied……

    whether a person is a smoker or not, that doesn’t even matter, this is really going to far, you can’t tell people what to do in their own apartment.

    Not that anyone would listen anyway….

    when is this clown getting out of office, how long has he been in office 12 years already???/

  • the thing that is infuriating is that Bloomberg puts the responsibility on the LL (with FINES).
    And meanwhile if the LL made a rule that said no smoking, it could not be enforced in our housing courts anyway.
    Just more ways that NYC is making affordable housing impossible