Nu Hotel’s Outdoor Cafe Opens May 1st

Tuesday, May 1st will be the opening date of the Nu Hotel’s 416-square-foot sidewalk cafe. The hotel first applied for the license last summer. No word yet on the menu or concept of the cafe and bar, but a press release from Nu Hotel says the chefs are “designing a unique tapas menu for lunch and dinner at the café.” The bar will feature signature cocktails on a rotating menu. Once open, this will be one of the largest sidewalk cafes in the borough. May Day cocktails on the house?
Nu Hotel Looks to Take it Outside [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Good news. We heard of these plans back in January when we were staying there for 2 weeks due to a fire in our brownstone. We loved this hotel and their Pimms Cup is off the hook. The staff they have is great – and likely to help make the sidewalk cafe a success.

  • The prisoners next door can look out over patrons eating tapas and drinking cocktails. And the diners can look up to see if they can spy any prisoners peeking out through windows. Fun!