Monday Links

For Stewards of Historic Homes, No Salary but Unbeatable Rent [NY Times]
Map of Sites of Bike Kiosks in Midtown Is Previewed [NY Times]
Mixed Feelings for Fans as Nets Prepare to Leave [NY Times]
The City of Sky-High Rent [NY Times] [N.B.: Gothamist Link Below Worth a Read]
NYT Can’t Find Normal Manhattanites For ‘Rent Is High’ Story [Gothamist]
DUMBO’s Brooklyn Roasting Co. Tripling In Size [Gothamist]
‘A Love Letter to Coney Island’ Got Us a Little Sentimental [Curbed]
Court Issues Stay on Williamsburg Charter Closing [SchoolBook]
From DDDB: The Ratner Wanker Gallery [AY Report]
A Spell so Exquisite [AYITP]
Meet the Zoo: Dingoes! [PS Patch]

One Comment

  • Re: Sky high rents.

    well if people would stop renting these studio apartments for 3k, (or what ever the size)…..then maybe rents would come down, but as long as people are continuing to pay these ridiculous amounts of money for these apartments that are not even worth half of what they are charging, rents will keep going up.

    I like to see tons of vacant apartments around, then maybe rents will go down.