Kemistry’s Liquor License Back Up for Discussion

Kemistry Lounge, the business applying for a liquor license at 260 Flatbush Avenue against the wishes of nearby neighbors, is back on Community Board Six’s Liquor License agenda tonight. The Prospect Place Neighbors Group is urging CB6 to reject the liquor license, you can see the letter addressing concerns here. A big concern, as iterated at last month’s meeting, is the building’s exit onto Prospect Place. Community residents already met with Kemistry and the Flatbush Avenue BID and reached an agreement on 11 stipulations, including monitoring of the premises, deliveries and trash pickup on Flatbush Avenue, soundproofing, and meeting with the community if any problems arise. Residents are still concerned about the possibility that the exit on Prospect will not be “bricked up,” as previously promised, that bottle service will be used, and that the business has not agreed to closing at 2am on weekends. While it was unclear at the last meeting how the plans for seven extra stories on the building would fit into the business plan, it looks like Kemistry will occupy two floors and have a capacity of 225 people. Prospect Park Neighbors say they’re coming to the meeting with a petition signed by 100 people against the business, so it should be an interesting night, to say the least. If you’re interested, it’s at 6:30pm at Prospect Park YMCA, 357 9th Street, 7th floor.
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  • Prospect Place Neighbors is looking forward to the CB6 meeting tonight. We worked hard to negotiate in good faith with Kemistry under an artificially compressed schedule of Kemistry’s own making. While agreement was reached on some stipulations, on the most significant ones – bottle service, hours, and the back entrance, an agreement could not be reached.

    Kemistry continues to maintain that hostess served hard alcohol bottle service is essential for both its bottom line and its customers, though no other bar in the surrounding neighborhood have found it necessary to offer this to their customers. On hours, Kemistry and the BID have presented at least 4 different versions — on this matter we still do not know what Kemistry intends or whether they will be amending their CB6 questionnaire with a new business plan. And on the final point, the back entrance, Kemistry has reneged on its public agreement from the last CB6 meeting to “brick up” the back entrance.

    Though we believed from the beginning that Kemistry is simply not site appropriate given the block and the surrounding businesses and residents, we honored the CB6 request to sit down, talk, and negotiate in the pursuit of something that could work for all concerned. Unfortunately Kemistry was unwilling or unable to reflect community input on key provisions, and hence we are deadlocked. As such, we hope that CB6 will choose to recommend a denial of the alcohol license by the SLA.

    Prospect Place Neighbors
    Twitter: @ProspectPl

  • bottle service is quite important to the bottom line. grey goose purchased for $350, brought out “freshly” opened in the back, with $9 liquor funneled inside.

  • bottle service is quite important to the bottom line. grey goose purchased for $350, brought out “freshly” opened in the back, with $9 liquor funneled inside.