Clinton Hill’s 105 Grand to Start Renting Soon

There hasn’t been much news to report lately about the building that’s been going up for some time now on Grand Avenue between Myrtle and Park at 105 Grand on the Clinton Hill-Wallabout border, but rental listings for the edifice have now made an appearance online. The ads say the building will be ready for occupancy on May 1st, and rents for the listings that have popped up are ranging from $2,000 for a one-bedroom to $3,200 for a two-bedroom (all are “net effective” rents with one-month free via a promotion). The brokerspeak on the building: “105 Grand is set to make a bold design statement in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with its strikingly modern architecture. The facade features a majestic black brick wall pierced by glass and steel towers that provide bay windows in many of the apartments. Intersecting the towers are balconies featuring cool aqua glass enclosures. Inside you will find a mix of standard studios, oversized studio and 1 bedroom duplexes, 1 & 2 Bedroom Lofts w/ Mezzanine levels.”
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  • Ha, this thing will sit on the market for awhile till it’s prices fall a bit more. After having the pleasure of watching cops bust into it at night apparently for an alarm going off, I can safely say it’s not anybody’s preferred Miami eyesore of choice. It’s a hike to the G from here, that and it’s neighbor across the street is an auto-body. The one upside is that it is in the heart of Clinton Hill and Myrtle’s growing retail strip. Aside that, it’s a pricey penny to live here.

  • If the rent was cheaper, 1,500 tops for a one bedroom, I’d support it. Otherwise, it’s a drab building that does little to enhance the street alongside several other new drab buildings. The auto-body folks are nice though, they are always outside talking and often grilling something while the cars are being worked on. There is an old warehouse that’s being converted along with a 1920’s Pratt building, but aside that, the street is fairly lifeless compared to the neighboring Wallabout rowhouses further west.

  • Appreciate your thoughts blaze, so true, price needs to come down a bit more since so many other co-ops are being built in the bed-study/Clinton Hill area.