Burg Residents Still Fighting Against Proposed Club

Williamsburg residents spoke out against a proposed nightclub for North 1st Street during last night’s CB1 public session. Brooklyn Paper previously reported that Manhattan nightclub owner Alexander Dimitrov wanted to renovate a warehouse into a 300-person nightclub with a rooftop patio. Here’s the BK Paper’s description of the owner’s club in Manhattan, called Mehanata: ” [It] boasts a bathroom sink that looks like a woman’s posterior, a fleet of party buses modeled after San Francisco cable cars, and a refrigerated “ice cage” where waiters in Russian military garb serve booze amid furniture and glassware made from ice.” The owner promised a more “laid back” club in Williamsburg, but residents remained opposed. Last night, the majority of the CB1 audience was against this club, and a petition going around had gained more than 250 signatures. Residents complained the owner has been unwilling to work with the community. They also brought up possible traffic issues outside the club, the issue of drunk party-goers in the neighborhood at 4am, and listed violations at the Manhattan spot, which included serving alcohol to minors. One of the residents stated that, after previous media attention regarding the opposition, she received “hate mail to move out to Connecticut” but said “I want to live here, I want to raise my son here.” You can see the video of residents speaking out over at New York Shitty. Needless to say, the CB1 Liquor Licence Committee unanimously denied the club’s application.

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  • the super stretch jerzey plate limos are not far behind.

  • ” where waiters in Russian military garb serve booze”
    False: There are no waiters — the “ice cage” is barely more than the size of a phone both and the vodka is strictly self service. The military garb is worn by the patrons to stay warm in the refrigerated both.

    So far as ‘waiters” they don’t exist in the club at all, they just have a waitress, dressed in jeans…

    Journalism, not to mention fact checking, died a while back, unfortunately.

  • The issue of who in a room called an “[insert anything] cage” is wearing faux-military garb is the least consequential fact checking error ever.