Ambitious Coney Aquarium Revamp Starting Soon

The Daily News updates on the massive renovation of the New York Aquarium in Coney Island that’s been planned for some years now but is scheduled to actually break ground in the fall and be done by spring 2015. The project will cost $150 million. Here’s the exciting stuff from the article:

The 55,000-square-foot, three-story space will open to the public in spring 2015. It boasts a roof-deck overlooking the ocean, and a cafe, seating wall and sculptures on the iconic Boardwalk below. The cathedral-like open ocean shark tank will be the jewel in aquarium’s new crown. Schools of native fish and about 35 local sharks, including nurse sharks, blacktip reef sharks and sand tigers, will swim inside the 500,000-gallon tank. A coral reef tunnel will give guests a 360-degree shark experience.

The aquarium will stay open during the renovation process.
New York Aquarium Plans $150 Million Renovation, Including New Shark Exhibit [NY Daily News]
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  • Several of the sharks already expressed nostalgia for an older, gritter New York Aquarium. “I remember in the 70s, biting the hand off a crack dealer,” a nurse shark told an interviewer. “We’d have vials littering the bottom of the tank. The place was rough, but it had a real edge.” A nearby sand tiger added, “Renovation is nice, but we’re all afraid of turning the place into the fish tank in ‘Finding Nemo.’ In Bloomberg’s New York, that’s the shark tank of tomorrow–safe, sanitized, and boring.”

  • Everyone likes the “older, grittier” NYC now but I recall it wasn’t quite so fondly thought of at the time. This is really good news.

  • Very happy to see it getting an overhaul. I hope they add more educational and environmental education like other aquariums so visitors can get more out of the experience.