Traffic-Calming Measures Coming to Classon Avenue

Council Member Tish James released a statement yesterday commending the traffic changes that are set to be put into place on Classon Avenue. James and other politicians had brought concerns about speeding on the thoroughfare to the city’s attention. We reported on the DOT’s traffic-calming plans last September, and since then they’ve been approved by all the community boards Classon runs through. The measures include painting parking lane lines on both sides of the street; installing a single, 11-foot-wide center travel lane in low-traffic areas; putting in two 10-foot-wide market travel lanes in busier areas; and adding three traffic lanes to the half block south of Atlantic Avenue, which is meant to force more cars to wait for the light. Signal timing will also be adjusted to improve traffic flow. Construction will dovetail with the repaving of Classon south of Atlantic Avenue, which is happening this spring.
DOT Eyes Classon Avenue for Streetscape Improvements [Brownstoner]

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  • I like the diner pictured above.

  • I like the diner pictured above.

  • Classon Ave feels like a speedway at times. Yay Team Tish!

  • Traffic calming has already started on Classon between Gates and DeKalb and the changes are a fail! The lights have been un-synchronized and now there are traffic tie ups that spill over on to the intersecting streets. Air quality is sure to suffer with all the idling cars but I guess all the people screaming for traffic calming measures never thought that through. Ponder this, traffic calming doesn’t make the traffic go away it just makes the traffic linger longer in your neighborhood. The longer traffic lingers in your neighborhood the worse your air quality will be. Get your asthma pumps ready cause your will surely need them after this is all said and done! And remember you asked for it!

    • Completely wrong. Adding lanes generates new traffic. Taking away lanes reduces traffic. It does not just get displaced – people choose to take fewer trips.

      An extreme example “When New York’s West Side Highway collapsed in 1973, an NYDOT study showed that 93 percent of the car trips lost did not reappear elsewhere; people simply stopped driving.”
      excerpt from Suburban Nation

      • Actually limestone_cowboy you are wrong…traffic calming reduces lanes. Sorry you didn’t comprehend what what you were reading but the plan is to add lanes only for a half of block near Atlantic. Classon is currently two lanes from Atlantic all the way to Flushing and the DOT wants to narrow it down to one lane for the majority of that same span…When you have the same amount of cars and less lanes bottle necks occur a.k.a traffic jams. When traffic jams occur cars sit in one place and idle unnecessarily…Unnecessary idling = air quality issues…FYI people stopped driving not only because of the highway collapse but because of the oil embargoes of 1973-74 and rising gas prices that occurred as a result of the Arab/Israeli war.

  • It seems to me that if you want people to go another way to get to the BQE, you need to provide another route. If anyone has a better way to get to the BQE from Clinton Hill or Prospect Heights, please let me know. There is already a ton of congestion on Classon. I predict that this will add 10 minutes to my commute :_(