Still Hope for Bed-Stuy’s 329 MacDonough Street?

Old House Web wrote a comprehensive piece on the many troubles of 329 and 331 MacDonough Street, the landmarked Bed Stuy brownstones that almost collapsed after a contractor knocked out a load-bearing wall of the basement at #329. We reported on the accident and subsequent efforts to save the buildings. Last summer the DOB approved building permits for renovation, with a vacate order still in place. According to Old House Web, the vacate order at #329 is still in place, although a C-of-O was granted to 331 MacDonough in late April 2010. The owner of #329, heavily credited for saving the home, still owes $12,500 in penalties to the DOB and is already several hundred thousand dollars in debt after the rescue. Occasional construction work is heard by neighbors, with one speculating that someone is living on-site. But Old House Web couldn’t get in touch with either homeowner for a confirmation. We are still hoping for a happy ending here.
Brooklyn Brownstone Preservation Victory: One Year Later [Old House Web]

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  • Well if there’s current work going on, I’m sure it’s being saved.

  • Well if there’s current work going on, I’m sure it’s being saved.

  • The owner of 329 got himself in a whole world of hurt with the illegal excavation work. Don’t do what he did!
    It is nothing short of a miracle that 329 and 331 were saved from demolition. And keep in mind this is a landmark district!
    I hope the owner can move back in soon. He has paid his dues.

  • I live adjacent to the properties in the article. What stands as testament to our street is the dedication of the owner to righting the wrong with regards to an unfortunate accident that no one intended. An outstanding dollar amount owed to anyone is irrelevant at this point. What should be commended is the commitment to correct and improve the situation and I give a lot of credit to my neighbors for not cutting their losses and making a run for it. I think most people on our block would agree that we have a good amount of respect for the owners and I personally, very proud of their dedication. You must understand that this was very difficult for all of us, especially them. I do not feel in any way at risk for my home at this point and they are trucking through this tough time with great respect for the neighbors that have cared so much for this block for so many years. Please, cut us some slack and let our block heal and flourish. We have a situation here I have never experienced in all my years in NY- a block full of wonderful people who care about each other and our neighborhood. It is the best place to live and we want it to stay that way.