Residential Conversion for Dumbo’s 193 Plymouth Street

The Department of Buildings just approved a permit for a residential conversion at 193 Plymouth Street, the Dumbo factory between Jay and Bridge streets. It looks like a conversion has been in the works since 2010, at least on the permitting front. Although permits are posted at the building, construction hasn’t begun yet. The building, of of now, is in pretty rough shape. Calls last week to the owner for more details have not been returned. GMAP DOB

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  • This is a very attractive building that will make for a great conversion. Unfortunately, it’s also at a location that is likely to see a lot of construction for the coming years. Its neighbors are all one-story garages that will almost certainly be replaced by new development as the Dumbo boom continues. That means it will be noisy for the near future. You’re also getting far east enough that the ConEd plant on the waterfront (which this building faces on the back side, on John St) blocks access to the water. Hopefully the city and ConEd will be able to work out a deal where ConEd relocates its plant to somewhere that doesn’t take up valuable waterfront property (and the site is redeveloped into an extension of BBP or something similar), but that’s not likely to happen for at least a few years.

  • What will happen to the artists that have lived in this building (and still do) since the 90’s? This is actually pretty sad news, as this is the last ‘real/artist’ loft building I can think of in the neighborhood where working artists/musicians that helped shape Dumbo over the last 15 years still live (i.e. the people that ran Dumboluna in the early 2000’s). Hopefully the loft law will give them some rights to stay in their spaces..