LPC Looks to Landmark Bed Stuy Bedford District

“This is a historic night,” Evelyn Collier, the Landmarks Committee Chair of CB3, told the packed house at Restoration Plaza last night. The crowd was there to attend a Community Board 3 forum with the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Historic Districts Council on the planned Bedford Historic District, which extends south from Monroe Street to Verona Place (at Fulton) and east from Bedford to Tompkins Avenue. (Check out a rough draft of the map after the jump.) LPC has met with the community about a half-dozen times in the past year and is still in the informal stage of the landmarking process. Kate Daly, LPC’s executive director, said this landmarking process would be staggered after the Stuyvesant Heights expansion. “I know LPC will work swiftly and diligently to get the job done,” Council Member Al Vann told the crowd. The audience seemed supportive and mostly curious about landmarking questions like LPC’s role in emergency repairs, the historic preservation grant program, permit fees, and so forth. Overall it looks likely that the historic district will eventually happen. LPC’s building researcher noted that the 800 proposed buildings in the district (the majority of which are residential) are in “very good condition” and there are “no interruptions on the blocks.” It was noted that some of Montrose Morris’ best buildings are in this proposed district, not to mention this show-stopping block. Wrapping up the meeting, Daly said she saw “a very strong base of support for a historic district here.”

Click through for the map and another video from the meeting…

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  • It was an excellent meeting. The photograph doesn’t show that there were three times as many people there, as in the picture, filling the room to the point that it was standing room only, they ran out of chairs.

    The atmosphere was encouraging, the questions from the audience were intelligent and were answered well, and I think people who weren’t sure about what landmarking entailed got good information.

    I’m so glad this is finally happening, and I hope to see a Bedford Historic District calendared before the end of the year. No one promised that, but it looks likely. Yea!!!!

    Kudos have to go the the tireless work of the community members who have been working on this for years, many of whom post here regularly. *pinch cheeks* I’m SO proud of you!

  • This is so over due…. This section of Bedford Stuyvesant has some of the best and well maintained Victorian Architecture in NY if not the US. As developers come to rape the buildings of Bedford Stuyvesant it is important to landmark Bedford and the Stuyvesant Districts fast. I really like the LPC and I hope that the city helps them out with a bigger staff to move these areas ahead.