Closing Bell: Details Aired on Nassau Ave Reconstruction

The Department of Design and Commission released details on a large capital construction project on Nassau Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to Apollo Street in Greenpoint. New York Shitty has been covering the impending construction, but noted today the project hasn’t begun and is already fraught with challenges. Despite setbacks, the scope of the project includes street level improvements like replacing existing infrastructure; improving the drainage to address previous flooding problems; and various traffic calming measures. More specifically, the street will get new granite curbs, neckdowns at certain intersections, pedestrian ramps and decorative street lighting. Water mains will be replaced and storm and sanitary sewers will be reconstructed. This month and next the city will be doing pre-construction work, tree pruning, and installing catch basins. Construction should last (if all goes well, that is) until the fall.

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  • Does anyone know how wide is the avenue ?

    • Not nearly wide enough to need “neckdowns’! !

      This is an Idea that idiot Sadik-Khan has been installing all over the place, even on Kingston Ave, where I live in CHS. If streets are too wide for people to cross in time, then EVERY corner should have neckdowns. If people are too slow-moving to make it across an UN-neckdowned corner, are they really strong enough to walk to a corner one of two blocks away and cross at that narrowed corner? These things belong only on REALLY WIDE commercial streets, not thrown around willy-nilly. Apparently DOT has too much money to spend and their budget needs to be severely cut.
      [And Sadik-Khan fired. I’ll be sooooo happy when our idiot mayor, who couldn’t recognize that we were getting fleeced by CityTime to the tune of at least $500 million, is gone … or croaks. Whichever.]