Open and Shut

Park Slope
Eater reports that Blue Ribbon Sushi, the 10 year old Slope restaurant, will close March First. It will be merging with the Blue Ribbon Brasserie next door. The picture above is via Eater NY. FIPS previews up and coming Dinosaur BBQ. The word: “All in all, [Dinosaur] seems to have all the right ingredients going for the Brooklyn locale. If the Mayan calendar’s correct & come October we all get wiped out like the dinosaurs, I guess we’ll never know it’ll all turn out.” Here’s Park Slope notes that Backyard, a “homestyle food” type restaurant, opened at 388 5th Avenue. Beauty Bar will open on 5th Avenue on February 24th. Velvet Peach Cafe is temporarily closed on Flatbush Avenue.

The Deklab Market is growing into a beer garden in Downtown Brooklyn, reports Brooklyn Paper. The market will reopen this spring. Baluchi’s, the new Indian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, was closed by the health department. PMFA says Prema Yoga will close on the corner of Court and Carroll in Carroll Gardens. Yoga fans shouldn’t fret, however, because nearby Area Yoga is taking the space and expanding. Also in the nabe, Levi’s opened up a pop-up on boutique clothing store Smith + Butler. Connecticut Muffin is opening on Nostrand Avenue and Bergen in Crown Heights, says Prospect Heights Patch. And Dumbo‘s PetWebExpress moved down to block to Anchorage Place.

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  • Connecticut Muffin on Nostrand??!! YEAH! I’m glad Barbara’s Flower shop will still be around. I don’t see how this can take business away from existing shop owners- no one on Nostrand sells fresh baked muffins. People are so quick to complain about rising rents, etc., however the current lack of services, is well, lacking. Improvements and higher rents go hand in hand, what can you do.

    The only downside I can see is that I will be eating this stuff and I’m trying not to eat this stuff….

  • And listen to the people who complain that there are already shops that sell coffee and “baked goods.” What baked goods would they be referring to? Show me muffins. Show me free WiFi. I suggested to someone who is involved in the upkeep of Brower Park, that they should get free WiFi. The man laughed in my face. It’s amazing how people can’t see beyond what they are used to.