Rental of the Day: 140 Calyer Street

This is a sweet little two bedroom at 140 Calyer Street, in Greenpoint. Besides being very white, there are high ceilings and a decent amount of space. It’s asking $2,300/month. We’ve definitely seen more expensive pads in Greenpoint, so we’re guessing this one won’t take too long to rent.
140 Calyer Street [Citiburg Realty] GMAP P*Shark

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  • from the pictures in the ad, doesn’t seem to have new appliances :p. it says. ” Be the first to live in this gorgeous new constriction apartment and easy to move in! ”

    the cabinets look ancient or just me LOL.

    for 2 bedrooms kinda pricey.

  • lol “constriction”–that’s one of the best type-os ever! –And very apt for many city apartments…

    I want to visit this place in the dark of night and peel off the siding that’s covering the cornice.