Underneath the Siding in the South Slope

Yesterday IMBY wrote about an interesting house at 548 6th Avenue that has recently started displaying what was underneath the vinyl siding it used be covered in. It seems the old wood-frame may not be long for this world, though: A demolition permit hasn’t been filed yet, but a plan was approved last week by the DOB for a four-story, four-unit building. IMBY also notes that “judging by the size and placement of the boarded up windows, I imagine some kind of commercial establishment might have been the original occupant.” Anybody know the more history of this one? GMAP DOB
Photo by IMBY

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  • directly across from this house are two other frame houses with no set-back (I live in one of them) The NYC tax photo (circa 1940) that I got for my house shows that the third frame house, next to mine, was originally a storefront with two doors and big store front windows (one door would have gone to the store, the other to stairs to apts above) Like the pictured house (until a couple weeks ago), its now residential, covered in sliding/brick face, and has only one door. in fact, the brick house on the other side of mine was also store front with two doors. the block is entirely residential today, but it seems this was once a bustling commercial corridor.

  • This was originally a Barber shop with the red/white stripe pole on the outside wall. 3 old barber chairs sat inside. The house next to you was a pentecostal church, not a store. The frame on the other side of you was a rubber stamp factory. There were two additional stores on the corner opposite the deli right next to the two frames in the back. Across the street from the deli (8 unit stucco) sat an antique shop. The garden was an Esso station. Opposite the Garden was Pippin Auto Radiator repair. The accountants office next to the laundry was a breakfast/lunch diner with those spinning counter stools. Next to the laundry (corner 15th) was a St. Vincent Depaul. The Suite sixteen condos was the Vacuum Bag company. Across the street from there was a cabinet manufacturer. The 10 unit red brick also across from Suite Sixteen on 16th was a printing press. Further up the block where the two adjoining condo building are was a mechanic shop. Yes, it was busy.