Atlantic Yards Lawsuit Plaintiffs Allege Broken Promises

Here’s a video of the press conference on Tuesday about the lawsuit over Atlantic Yards jobs. The footage, shot by Milica Petrovic, shows some of the plaintiffs saying they were promised union jobs at Atlantic Yards after completing a training program. Maurice Griffen, one of the people suing, has this to say: “They guaranteed me a union card. They said it’s not a question of if we have it, it’s just a question of if you complete the program or not.” Meanwhile, a lawyer from South Brooklyn Legal Services says the suit hinges on “contract law…if a promise is made it has to be kept…these were promises made at the Community Benefits Agreement, they were made at orientation…” Councilwoman Letitia James says the plaintiffs “were had.” Atlantic Yards Report had more video coverage of the event by Jonathan Barkey.
Lawsuit to be Filed Over Atlantic Yards Jobs [Brownstoner]

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  • Dave, you might want to consider the possibility that not everyone has had your advantages in life. Skilled union construction jobs are a step up to a decent living wage, and a better life. Something that when waved in the face of the desperate, might be snatched up like water to the parched, perhaps not with the due diligence afforded those who are not quite as thirsty.

    On the face of it, a huge successful company like FCR, with a long term project like AY on hand, offering to train someone for one of those jobs, is like winning the lotto. I don’t blame any of them for going for it. The onus is on FCR for their duplicitous and cynical manipulation of the minority community’s need for jobs, in order to fight the anti-AY movement. I don’t blame the victims here, I blame the perpetrators.

  • Occupy Barclay Center!

    and why is a 24 hour 7 days a week building permit any less objectionable than a drum circle?

  • of course the whole jobs thing is a bait and switch. They can just blame the economy. The first ones in on the deal are the brooklyn politicians (and payroll facades like BUILD). I guess Letitia James didn’t get paid. What i would like to know is whose private house they did work on for the two months while being deceived. To me it sounds like BUILD doing a pet favor for someone at FCR (or themselves).