Port Authority Honcho: BK Waterfront Like ‘Vietnam’

Yesterday outgoing Port Authority chief Chris Ward gave a speech at a Municipal Art Society-sponsored conference in which he said that the Brooklyn waterfront is one of the last big planning issues the city has to address. According to Crain’s, he compared the waterfront to Vietnam, “a place where no one has been able to declare a victory.” Ward said the Red Hook container terminal should be moved to the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, in Sunset Park, so that the Red Hook land could aid in developing Governors Island. Ward also said that the moving the container terminal could free up space for better transportation links and, perhaps, a school or hotel. Streetsblog quotes Ward as saying the following: “You will not be able to get the needed amount of people, whatever the use is, to Governor’s Island as long as you have a container terminal there.”
Brooklyn Waterfront Seen as Top Priority [Crain’s]
Chris Ward: NYC Truck Traffic “Is an Economic and Environmental Crisis” [Streetsblog]
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  • Oh please oh please…..no hotel or school or condo or the like. It’s a logical and ideal way to extend parkland. Nothing crazy that has gazillions of dollars of operating and maintenance costs. Just some nice open greenery would be nice. Don’t ya think?

  • yeah, lets get our magic wand and poof it will be done.
    Is this guy a retard ow what? Why bring it to Sunset park, why should everything here be changed?

    While Govenors Island is fun, lets talk about the annoying tourist helicopters that fly around Governors Island all day long, so much for serenity in a park. The first time I went there is was like a oasis in the middle of the harbor, now eith the choppers it is like cambodia, oh, we can thank out mayor for that, even after 2 people just got killed, he is still not going to ban the tourist choppers……i wish he would go on a tour…………………………..

  • Oh, its like Vietnam, because the tourist helicopters fly all over Red Hook near the water…………………all day long

    WTF was this idiot thinking about

  • Of course, Ward is the former CEO of American Stevedoring in Red Hook so it’s not a surprise he would suggest the Governors Island – Red Hook link up and moving the container terminal. Not that it’s a bad idea, just sayin’…

  • dude, I hate to break it to you but we’re not fighting there anymore. North Vietnam declared victory.

  • Chris Ward is always right. He’ll talking about ferrying large numbers to Governors Island, so you need to move that facility south.

  • You go down to the end of Atlantic and there’s a ferry there. I don’t really understand what more you need as far as Gov Island access. You could easily run the existing ferry more frequently. Basically this is all about extending luxe down to the water and getting rid of pesky industry and all that is ticky tacky.

  • not enough capacity at end of atlantic, and you need to get vehicles, trucks, art supplies, more people over, and that can’t be done anywhere else Manhattan side very limited to really develop the island for education and the arts, you need a serious embarkation point, not just a people ferry

    nobody knows this issue, and that area, like Chris Ward