Cobble Hill Brownstone Heading for the Auction Block

A very narrow brownstone on Henry Street in a killer location, between Kane and Degraw, is scheduled to go up for auction next month. The lien for 451 Henry comes in at a modest $8,913, but it appears the home is broken up into four rental units that are currently occupied. Of interest: The owner also owns the Rat Squirrel House at 149 Kane Street, the long-dilapidated property that’s currently being renovated. Anyone know the state of the interior at 451 Henry? More details about the auction after the jump. GMAP

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  • Very narrow?
    Are you from here?

  • Man, I shudder at the court costs to recover such a small tax lien. The state should get to have the defaulting owner to pay a fine on top of the tax.

  • I took a look in inside the “rat-squirel” house the other day.

    While I can’t say I care too much for the renovation job being performed, there were two curious items of note.

    First, there were piles of mostly junk, that the contractor told us was being saved by the owner, so much junk the laborers had to climb over piles in order to work.

    The other factor of interest was the surviving layout and detail. This detail was generally in poor shape, but the house apparently was never converted (remuddled) into a rooming house or apartments.

    While I have seen most of the details in other houses, it was organically different to see it all together in one place. Like the illustrations of Brick and Brownstones brought to life.