Streets Near the Brooklyn Bridge to be Rebuilt in ’14

On Tuesday night the DOT presented detailed plans to CB2’s Transportation Committee about the redesigns of Tillary and Adams streets near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. The design has been fully funded, but an $18.6 million construction shortfall remains. It’s likely the DOT will undertake a phased construction approach based on when additional funding comes through. The design will be finalized in 2013, with construction beginning in 2014. On most stretches the medians will be expanded and rebuilt, and extensive landscaping will be added. There will be shortened crosswalks, added neckdowns and median-to-median crossing for pedestrians. There will be an extended green street near the intersection of Cadman Plaza West, Clinton and Tillary. Other plans include raised curbs for bikers and pedestrians on Tillary, and a bicyle and pedestrian facility along Cadman Plaza East. (The jersey barriers currently there will be removed.) You can read a detailed project plan here (PDF) and see another image after the jump.

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