Last Week’s Biggest Sales

1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $3,200,000.00
19 Garden Place GMAP
19 Garden Place was a HOTD in 2008 and we didn’t have a bad thing to say about it. Although we commented, “The biggest challenge to achieving the asking price of $3,995,000 will likely be the somewhat diminutive size.” According to StreetEasy, it came off the market in 2009 and was re-listed this February for $3,600,000. Entered into contract on 6/27/11; closed on 8/24/11; deed recorded on 9/12/2011.

2. PARK SLOPE $2,400,000.00
475 4th Street GMAP
A HOTD in 2008 which read: “It’s a gorgeous house in move-in condition with tons of original woodwork (and no recessed lighting!). It also feels like it’s priced as if it were a year ago.” Ask: $2,995,000. Streeteasy shows a long, painful history of price cuts until 2010, when the home was pulled off the market. It was last priced at $2,575,000 before it sold. Entered into contract on 5/25/11; closed on 8/30/11; deed recorded on 9/13/2011.

3. GRAVESEND $2,350,000
801 Avenue S GMAP
A one-family home, 2,728 square feet in size. Entered into contract on 7/14/11; closed on 8/12/11; deed recorded on 9/13/2011.

4. BOERUM HILL $1,950,000
140 Dean Street GMAP
A one or two family house with a garage and vacant land. Before this sale, the building was purchased in 2010 for $475,000! Entered into contract on 7/21/11; closed on 8/31/11; deed recorded on 9/15/2011.

5. DYKER HEIGHTS $1,900,000
1062 84th Street GMAP
Quite a beautiful house in South Brooklyn. Asking $3,499,000 in 2007 and then $2,600,000 in 2010 before getting a few price drops. Entered into contract on 4/5/11; closed on 8/24/11; deed recorded on 9/13/2011.

3 Comment

  • Links under the 140 Dean property take you to Streeteasy premium content which you can’t see without a subscription (which I don’t have). Mr. B,do you have any background info on the circumstances of the 2010 sale you can share?

  • More importantly, where is the garage/vacant land? This house (which I think was being marketed by C21 for $2.2) is about four or five houses down from from Hoyt across from the Mugavero Center. Either the land is elsewhere or this is not an accurate description. ACRIS shows that prior to the 2010 sale there was a court order cancelling mortgages, liens etc., and then a sale to a corporation, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the sale price doesn’t accurately reflect the entire consideration transferred.

  • Re: Garden Place

    This was a 1980s time capsule — classic sub-zero fridge, ‘Euro-style’ kitchen, california closets, and a euro-style rec room.

    Still, it is a small house with low ceilings, little architectural charm that would distinguish it in Douglaston, and an absolutely insane price tag.